Friday, June 05, 2020

CoViD-19 & Black Lives Matter| Balboa Park Events Reschulduling Tabled | Restaurant Week To Return | #WearOrange | Crisis Fatigue

Bea Evenson Fountain taken 6.4.2019
Balboa Park Central Mesa and All Lots Will Fully Reopen 6.12.2020

I meant to post this post on Thursday night, but I got caught up in the CRB meeting and then watched the Balboa Park Committee meeting on Youtube through our Roku, and then I had to record my presentation for the Virtual San Diego Music Awards (taking place on July 6) and then compose a Casbah newsletter for today and then I just never got back to publish my post here. But the biggest thing I want to say is that I was wrong about last night's march that took place from Downtown to North Park. I felt the demands missed the mark because they were already being addressed or addressing the wrong jurisdiction, but I can see now, that wasn't really the point nor the driver of why so many people turned out. One can never predict how things are going to go, but I saw hundreds of peaceful protesters walking together, saw dozens of photos and read numerous accounts and even watched some of the live streaming footage of the event and it looked like quite a beautiful thing. I imagine many of the people were the same people who submitted over 3500 comments to the Community Review Board, proving you can fight the same fight from multiple fronts simultaneously for more impact. I'm so impressed and I hope that marches, demonstrations, and protests and remain peaceful throughout the weekend.

  • Balboa Park Committee Meeting Agenda
    • Proposed rescheduled dates for Balboa Park Events:
      • Earth Fair Balboa Park 9/13
      • Rock n Roll  5k 10/10 Marathon 10/11
      • SD Reader Tacotopia in Golden Hill Park 11/7 
    • Dr Micah Parzen of Museum of Man doesn't want to have to close museums so soon after having presumably reopened because institutions wouldn't be able to manage capacity and social distancing. (If I remember correctly, he chose to keep the Museum of Man closed during other EarthFairs and December Nights so what is he even talking about?? They pay $0 lease per year. Figure it out, dude.)
    • Johanna Schiavoni agrees that it's too premature to reschedule without state guidelines even issued for large events and what they will look like.
    • Next meeting is July 2nd
    • Watch the full meeting of Balboa Park Committee here (Over 2.5 hours!)
  • San Diego Restaurant Week Returns 
    • Sunday, September 27th, 2020 through Sunday, October 4th, 2020
  • I'm reluctant to post this article because yes, we're all tired and we're all exhausted and we're all processing all that life has thrown us this year, but this is exactly what #BlackLivesMatter has been saying all along, this is what the black community has been telling us for decades and centuries. Still, we cannot dismiss our own mental and physical health. 
    • "There’s a reason why your body is prepared to ride out a high-stress, highly fearful state of affairs for a short time—when you’re super alert, you’re better able to detect and evade threats. But over the course of weeks, high cortisol levels wreak havoc on the body, resulting in problems like anxiety and insomnia. An ailment called Cushing syndrome, in which your body is exposed to high cortisol levels over an extended period of time, shows just how powerful the hormone is: It comes with weight gain, high blood pressure, and even bone loss. Stress can kill." All This Chaos Might Be Giving You 'Crisis Fatigue' - Wired
  • Gun violence goes hand in hand with #BlackLivesMatter.
    • National Gun Violence Awareness Day is Today, Friday June 5th
    • #WearOrange all weekend to show your support
    • "even in a pandemic, we are reminded of the devastating toll gun violence takes on communities, and the myriad ways that racism and white supremacy put black people and people of color at an increased risk of gun violence, including police violence. in honor of hadiya pendleton and all survivors of gun violence, we come together to take a stand against the deadly mix of white supremacy, racism, and gun violence in this country. stand with us in the fight against injustice by wearing orange for national gun violence awareness day on june 5."
    • Support organizations on the frontlines
  • San Diego Humane Society will begin expanding services again, including microchipping and licensing, spay and neuter clinics, and expanded adoption services. See video for information.

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