Friday, June 05, 2020

Black Lives Matter: Governor Briefing On Proposed Police Reform | Controversial Arrest In San Diego | Protests May Spike Covid-19

Fiesta Island will be opening next week, but no cars until July (taken 6.9.2019)
I'm going to break up today's posts, because this one ended up being a bit long with details of Governor Gavin Newsom's briefing and plans for police reform and social justice. There's another "protest" happening today, though I believe it's more of a vigil for Breonna Taylor on what should have been her 27th birthday at Morley Field. Videos and media continue to pour in from around the country of police inciting violence including some scary local incidents. We're just bunkered in at home for the weekend and maybe as restrictions ease my anxiety will chill and we'll start getting out of the house again. Newsom's briefing notes are after the jump.

  • Covid-19: Will Protests Spread The Virus? (via Prognosis Podcast)
    • It will take weeks for any of the effects of protests to show up in data
    • Prolonged shouting, chanting, singing, exposure are all known to spread, especially without face coverings
    • People of color have suffered disproportionately and have higher risk and have been getting sicker than the general population
  • I don't know what is even happening here or who this is but it is not a good look if this is SDPD or SDPD authorized action. This is the exact reason why the policies of protests need to be explicitly written into law enforcement policies, so the departments and officers can be held to policy when things go sour. Keep pressure on the Community Review Board, the Mayor, and City Council members to reform policy swiftly. This cannot continue to be a years long process and any additional budget should be contingent upon adopting policy reforms as outlined yesterday by the Community Review Board on Police Practices. 
  • The following comes from an email from Robert Weissman, President of Public Citizen
    • The protests are working.
      • The police officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd have now all been charged.
      • The Louisville police chief has been fired, after it turned out that officers who killed David McAtee, a protester who ran a barbeque stand, had turned off their bodycams.
      • Investigations are underway of the police killings of McAtee and Breonna Taylor, a woman killed in Louisville after police barged into her home at 1:00 a.m. without — according to Taylor’s boyfriend who was with her at the time — announcing themselves.
      • Cities across the country are quickly instituting policing reforms — including Louisville, which has suspended use of “no-knock” warrants.
      • In a sign of just how powerful the protests have become, cities are also beginning to move to redirect resources away from police departments to social needs.
  • Governor Gavin Newsom Daily Briefing
    • Need to meet the moment head on:
      • Already passed use of force law (AB 392) last year. Hasn't stopped violence, mistrust, anxiety, concerns. So much left to do. 
      • SD 230 focuses on implicit bias and deescalation training. Going into effect January 2021. 
      • Do more now: broader criminal justice reform including war on drugs, race based sentencing, minimum sentencing disparity, cannibis reform, addressing incarceration, shut down two state prisons, eliminating the department of juvenile justice, probation reforms, end death penalty.
      • Also need to focus on economic justice, environmental justice, education reform, social justice, affirmative action, parole and probation reforms, reparations task force, shut down private prisons, higher education opportunities to youth offenders
      • "One thing we know about our criminal justice system: it's not blind. It discriminates based on the color of your skin, it discriminates based on wealth...It cannot be said enough. We have a criminal justice system --and I don't think this, I know this, as Governor I live this every day--a criminal justice system that treats people who are rich and guilty a hell of a lot better than people who are poor and innocent." - Gavin Newsom
    • Newsom wants to standardize police policy and engagement throughout the state because municipal tactics vary too widely 
    • POST- Peace Officer Standards and Training- Legislatively end carotid technique/strangleholds immediately
    • "Not going back to normalcy...We deserve something better and more. Normalcy has no place in terms of our reconciliation of this moment...we are so much better than this."
    • If Covid cases rise because of protests, we will continue to look at the county attestations

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