Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Covid-19 & Black Lives Matter Demonstrations: Dr Weber's Amazing Speech | County Explains Triggers | Mayor Talks SDPD | Carotid Restraint Discontinued Countywide

Downtown San Diego Skyline 1.23.2020
I guess I didn't really need to watch the press briefings because they were super repetitive. The County one went over the metrics they're using to push for Stage 3 reopening and the dashboard to monitor the triggers and the Mayor spoke of the special committee meetings and proposed SDPD reform and legislation. What is worth watching is the California Black Caucus presentations from Tuesday. You should also make sure you watch the remarks from La Mesa after the mayor and the police chief left the podium. Still, all the notes are after the jump.

  • California Legislative Black Caucus- Chair Dr. Shirley Weber (from Tuesday 6.2.2020)
    • You have to watch this speech. You will cry. She's on around 2:40. Voice of San Diego wrote it up this morning.
      "I have tried to avoid these kinds of experiences as much as I possibly can, because when you have spent the vast majority of over three decades struggling for equality and justice and trying to explain the life of African Americans to this nation, it becomes painful to continue the conversation. I come to you as a legislator, a person who has spent the last eight years trying to make a difference in this nation, in this Capitol...trying to convince my colleagues that there's a reality out there that some of them don't understand, that they would like to refuse to see and be a part of."
  • San Diego County Press Briefing
  • City of San Diego Mayor Faulconer Media Briefing
    • Significant decrease in vandalism and violence went from 94 arrests on Sunday, 17 arrests on Monday, 2 arrests on Tuesday
    • Community organizations have met with Faulconer and will not tolerate vandalism and violence within their ranks
    • Encourage continuance of peaceful demonstrations
    • City has a robust recruitment and retention program for San Diego Police Department
    • We want to keep all of our community safe
    • Faulconer endorses the independent police oversight commission ballot measure
    • Several reforms have already been made to SDPD:
      • One of the first big cities to have body-worn cameras
      • Published all policies and procedures online
      • Ending use of carotid restraint
    • Human Relations Committee meeting on Tuesday night recommendations:
      • Formal condemnation of the actions of the four officers in Minneapolis who "wrongfully took the life" of George Floyd
      • Formal condemnation of systemic racism
      • Supporting actions to ensure that what happens in Minneapolis doesn't happen in San Diego
    • Reverend Gerome Brown - Executive Director of Citizens Advisory Board of Police/Community Relations 
      • Create studies and recommendations for Mayor, SDPD, and others
      • Promotes open communication between citizens and police
      • Method of community participation

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