Thursday, June 18, 2020

CoVid-19: San Diego Community Outbreaks Hit Trigger | Live Nation Losses To Fall On Backs Of Artists | City Expands Curbside Programs | Juneteenth Education

I've spent the morning putting together my playlist for Casbah Live and it's funny that as someone who has over 3,000 live videos on my YouTube Channel, I found this process to be super unfun. This is why I don't DJ. I love the music that I love but I'm way too self-conscious to share it with other people. I think that's what makes the Casbah so magical. You can love what you love and there are other people there to love it with you. My list goes live at 1pm on Friday and it consists entirely of live performances I've shot at the Casbah and a couple Casbah presents shows. We're watching it now so decided to have day beers to go with it. 
In other news, this morning Mayor Faulconer spoke about the expansion of "Curbside SD" which allows businesses to extend services outdoors in limited capacities. There weren't supposed to be any media briefiengs but today we're getting an emergency County Health Media Briefing which isn't good because yesterday we were at 6/7 community outbreaks in seven days and that is supposed to be an automatic trigger to revise the public health order if we hit seven new community outbreaks in a seven day period. 
I really wanted to go back to the San Diego Zoo or head up to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, but I'm kinda wheezy and sneezy from allergies today so I don't wanna look like I'm out in public while sick and we're going on the third hour of a plumber fixing our shower/bathtub faucet. Anyway, I'll update the trigger info back to this post after the 2:30 briefing. Links after the jump. 

  • Live Nation Wants Artists to Take Pay Cuts and Cancelation Burdens for Shows in 2021 - Rolling Stone (6.17.2020)
  • City of San Diego is expanding outdoor permitting by waiving fees and expediting permit process to allow outdoor seating in parking lots, sidewalks, and street parking. 
  • A history on Juneteenth - SPLC Teaching Tolerance (6.17.2016)
  • 7 tips for managing coronavirus anxiety and stress - Kaiser Permanente
  • Chicano Federation Rejects County's Recent Statement on COVID-19's Impact on Latinos
    • Please consider the following statement from Nancy Maldonado, CEO of The Chicano Federation of San Diego County, regarding San Diego County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten's assertion that “there are multiple reasons why the virus is having a more severe impact on the Latino community, including the presence of more underlying medical conditions and a tendency to show more physical affection.” 
      “Currently the Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting South San Diego Latinos. Analysis by researchers at UC San Diego has revealed that the high rate of infection can be linked to social and economic disparities and a system that has set up Latinos to be at the forefront of exposure and higher risk. To state that the high rate of infection is linked to physical affection is a serious failure to acknowledge and address the significant link between COVID-19 infection and the historical disadvantages that have plagued Latinos in this county, including lack of access to healthcare and affordable housing. 
      We reject Dr. Wooten’s simplistic explanation of a pandemic that is destroying the lives of Latinos in San Diego and urge our Public Health Officer to instead act on available data to come up with a systemic and systematic solution to this national health crisis.”

      – Nancy Maldonado, CEO of The Chicano Federation of San Diego County
    • It mandates that face coverings be worn state-wide...It does not substitute for existing guidance about social distancing and handwashing. 
  • San Diego County Has Triggered with 8 Community Outbreaks in 7 days:
    • 3 businesses, 2 restaurants, 1 private residence, 1 social club, 1 campground
    • Depending on today's data, 3 outbreaks (3 or more cases from one location) from 6.11.2020 will drop off, putting us back under the threshold
    • Prevent community outbreaks:
      • Hand hygiene and sanitation
      • Six feet apart
      • Face coverings
      • Avoid crowded places
      • Stay home if you're sick
      • No BBQs or Dinner Parties
    • State Guidance for Mandatory Face Coverings:
      • Indoor public spaces
      • Health care settings
      • Transportation- public transit, taxis, rideshare, airplanes
      • Anytime interacting with public
      • Outdoor activity when less than 6 ft from non-household
    • Not revealing specific community outbreaks because it would negatively impact confidence in cooperation with contact tracers. 
    • Nothing is going to stop the spread, just slow the spread. Only trend among outbreaks is congregating. 
    • Outbreaks are in places where people are already violating rules and gathering when gatherings are still prohibited. 
    • Current outbreaks are averaging 4-5 cases per outbreak.
    • Pausing future reopenings/guidance temporarily but will follow trends and data
    • Youth camps: Guidance is clear, under groups of 12, may practice, no competition or contact. Sports guidance is still to come. 
    • Concerts, venues, sports, theme parks, higher education are still to come

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