Saturday, June 27, 2020

CoViD-19 Pandemic Continues to Spike | Federal Police Reform On The Table |

Western Brush Rabbit
My new camera is much better than my other one in lowlight situations. 
This is Bun Bun, the wild cottontail that lives in our yard. 

After our Thursday BBQ, Darren and I hung out in the studio till the wee hours of the morning and I got to test out my new camera on Bun Bun. As a result, Friday was a super non-productive day. I didn't watch any briefings (if there even were any?) and generally avoided news all day. Nova started soccer training today (not super happy about that), so after picking her up, we went to La Jolla Cove to see the sea lions for about a half hour. I was totally impressed with some people who followed us down the cliff, all maintaining space from us and the sea lions, which isn't always the case. We also made a big trip to CostCo to continue our raging Friday night. I've been trying to find new shows and movies to watch but haven't really found anything great. Straight Up on Netflix is meh. Athlete A on Netflix is stunning and shocking and sickening and very well done in its explorations of USA gymnastics' sexual abuse. Some links and stuff after the jump. 
  • California State Parks Launches Dog Laws and Rules Webpage
  • CoViD-19:
    • County Reports Record Number of COVID-19 Cases, Hits New Trigger - County News Center (6.25.2020)
      • San Diego hit another trigger with a 19% increase in hospitalizations over last 3 days compared to prior 3 days
      • Over 300/daily cases over more than 4 days
      • 440 New cases in one day
      • 20-29 year olds are 21% of cases. Highest of any of the 10 year age groupings. 
      • 55% of cases are 20-49 year olds
    • (From Johns Hopkins Center For Health) 
      Arizona is currently reporting higher per capita incidence than Brazil or any European country at the height of its epidemic. Additionally, Maricopa County, home to Phoenix, is reporting higher incidence than New York City boroughs, “even on their worst days.” In addition to COVID-19 incidence, Arizona reported a record high on June 24 for both hospitalized COVID-19 patients (2,453) and COVID-19 patients on mechanical ventilators (415). Arizona is also currently reporting test positivity of 20%, which has steadily increased from 5% for the week of May 10.
  • Police Reform:
    • George Floyd Justice in Policing Act passed congress. (Expect this to be held up or blocked by the Senate)
      • Prohibits federal, state, and local law enforcement from racial, religious and discriminatory profiling. Requires training on racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling for all law enforcement.
      • Bans chokeholds, carotid holds, and no-knock warrants in drug cases at the federal level and incentivizes state and local governments to do the same. 
      • De-militarizes the police by limiting the transfer of military weaponry to state and local police. 
      • Removes barriers to prosecuting police misconduct and recovering damages. Reforms qualified immunity to hold officers accountable who violate a person’s civil rights.
      • Increases transparency by requiring dashboard and body cameras.
      • Creates a National Police Misconduct Registry to prevent problematic officers who are fired or leave an agency from moving to another jurisdiction without accountability.
    • Meanwhile, the Justice In Policing Act is being held up in the Senate
      •  It will empower state officials to hold local police accountable for abuse and discrimination
      • Improve data that tracks officer misconduct
      • Work to demilitarize the police
      • Ban Chokeholds & No-Knock Warrants on a Federal level
    • Public Transit Faces Its Own Police Reckoning - Bloomberg CityLab 
    • MTS Says Its Officers Aren’t Bound by New State Use-of-Force Law - Voice of San Diego (6.25.2020)

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