Wednesday, June 24, 2020

CoViD-19 Still On The Rise | County News Briefing

Doom & Ben at Casbah (11.23.2017)

I'm at home listening to an online police scanner. The SDPD helicopter was circling over our intersection, shining it's searchlight over our street, and then sirens were blazing every which direction. So I turned on the scanner app and looked over NextDoor but then the commotion ended or seems to have moved away, so now I'm writing and still listening to the scanner. There's a vehicle that collided with a parked car on Euclid and flipped over with people in the vehicle. It made me think of another reason why I'm doing my best to mostly stay home: people drive like assholes. 

Last night, a teen driver of a 4Runner with seven other teenagers 'lost control' and flipped over in Carlsbad, injuring all the kids and killing one. I was in a gnarly crash when I was that age, so it could just be inexperience, but why the hell are EIGHT teenagers, during stay-at-home and no gathering rules, in a vehicle with an underage driver that isn't a family member, at 2:30am?? And you know how you know they're white? Because "suspicion of drugs and alcohol" isn't the first line in the story and the dead kid's family already raised $30k on Go Fund Me. It's super tragic for the family of the dead kid, no doubt. But it's frustrating, too. We all share the same roads. We're all in the same pandemic. It's really not all about you. Today's county briefing and more uplifting CoViD-19 news, after the jump. 

  • County of San Diego Daily Briefing:
    • 14% of local cases end up hospitalized. 3.9% in intensive care. 3% die. 6 new deaths reported since yesterday. 
    • 54% of cases are age 20-49.
    • 19/60 community settings 1 outbreak inactive, 8 community outbreaks in last 7 days.
    • Highest one-day testing (6981), highest one-day new cases (332). ^5% positive.
    • News tip of casino outbreaks. 
      • Joint investigations on individual cases within casinos.
      • Sovereign nations have different jurisdiction. 
      • Working with several tribes on specific cases, but not identifying as community outbreak as yet. 
      • We would advise anyone going to an entertainment facility: 
        • It is non-essential. 
        • Don't be in an at-risk group. 
        • Maintain social distancing. 
        • Wear a mask. 
        • Wash your hands. 
        • Look around you. 
        • If other people aren't adhering you should talk to management, leave, go somewhere else
    • Halt on new openings. Guidance request to state is so businesses in later phases can be prepared when they are able to open safely. 
    • No specific trend, but lots of private residences/parties, restaurants/bars
    • County feels they're in compliance with state and not worried about state pulling CARES funds
    • Fletcher shuts down asshole Mike McKinnon once again. He asked if we would force 14-day quarantine for travelers like NY, NY, CT. "Well, those are states, so you'd have to ask our governor."
    • With current numbers, nothing new will be opening, but nothing will be rolled back. Individual entities will be addressed as they arise. 

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