Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Police Reform Measures Move Forward | Covid Numbers Still Spiking | We're Still Talking About Lilac Hills? |

Father's Day at San Diego Zoo- Unmasked momentarily for the sake of a photo (6.21.2020)

Have you ever watched a show that turned out to be a total dud? I watched 13 Reasons Why when it first came out with the first season, but I recently picked up with seasons 2-4 and season 2 was meh but season 3 is horrible. And is there a more annoying character or actor than Clay? Ugh. I gave up last night and finished reading my book instead. Today was I've bounced from the County Supervisors Meeting to the Governor's media briefing, to the Mayor's briefing on police reform. It's a lot. But Lilac Hills is getting denied, so expect to see some sort of lawsuit or bullshit to continue dragging it out. It must be a super sweet job to be the paid for a job for over a decade with your expenses and writeoffs, all for your project to be declined because you just couldn't follow the rules for the 20th time. Anyway, I'm super tired and cranky, so naptime it is. Lots of updates after the jump.

  • Governor of California Gavin Newsom Media Briefing
    • Earthquakes: Download "MyShake" app for earthquake early detection warnings
    • COVID-19
      • Still in first wave
      • 5.1% positivity rate over 2 weeks, but 5.6% over last 7 days (testing symptomatic/asymptomatic/presymptomatic)
      • 29% increase in hospitalizations in 14 days (8% of state capacity)
      • ICUs up about 18% in 14 day (1268/4034 ICU capacity is being used)
      • All people of all ages can be vectors
      • Relaxed orders/unauthorized gatherings resulting in higher case counts
        • Wear a fucking face covering
        • Wash your gross hands. Just putting your 'damn' hands under water doesn't count.
        • Give some personal space & physical distance for fuck's sake
        • Minimize the time you're indoors in places that aren't your home and with strangers or non-household members
        • Move activities outdoors as much as possible
        • Don't go into a crowd
        • Seniors and people with underlying conditions should stay home as much as possible
      • Counties will lose funding if they fail to monitor and meet criteria of self-attestations. Language is in the "Budget Trailer Bill". 
      • CA was first stay-at-home. "We crushed the curve". We were trying to extend the curve instead of spikes. Time was to build inventory of assets and be able to absorb hospitalizations. 
      • Use common sense. Be responsible to yourself and others. 
      • State will continue to grow PCR testing. Speaker Pelosi is going to fight to keep testing funded.
  • Other Covid-19 News:
    • (From Johns Hopkins Center for Health Newsletter) -The WHO COVID-19 Situation Report for June 23 reports 8.99 million cases (133,326 new) and 469,587 deaths (3,847 new). The global daily incidence continues to exhibit an overall increasing trend. The global cumulative incidence surpassed 8 million cases on June 17, so it has only taken 6 days to reach 9 million cases. The following timeline illustrates the COVID-19 pandemic’s trajectory to date:
      • -Zero cases to 1 million cases: ~100 days
      • -1 million to 2 million cases: 12 days
      • -2 million to 3 million cases: 13 days
      • -3 million to 4 million cases: 12 days
      • -4 million to 5 million cases: 11 days
      • -5 million to 6 million cases: 10 days
      • -6 million to 7 million cases: 8 days
      • -7 million to 8 million cases: 8 days
      • -8 million to 9 million cases: 6 days
    • As States Reopen, Do They Have The Workforce They Need To Stop Coronavirus Outbreaks? (Spoiler Alert: California only has about half the contact tracers necessary) - NPR (6.18.2020)
  • County Board of Supervisors Meeting:
    • Lilac Hills Project is back on the agenda. County Staff Development Services urged Supervisors to deny the project. County Planning Commission voted to approve to project 5-2. HOLY SHIT! Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to accept the staff recommendation to deny the Lilac Hills Project, with Desmond the only dissent. (He wanted to give them another chance to kick it back to staff)
    • Passed a Lakeside housing project
  • Police Reform Efforts
    • County Supervisors Approve Racial Justice, Law Enforcement Policy Package - KPBS (6.23.2020)
      Supes approved "Racial Justice and Law Enforcement Realignment Policy Package" which involves strengthening the Citizens' Law Enforcement Review Board's authority and independence, opening an Office of Equity and Racial Justice for San Diego County and having Mobile Crisis Response Teams that use clinicians instead of law enforcement for mental health and homeless services
    • San Diego Clears Police Oversight Reform For November Ballot - KPBS (6.23.2020)
      Ballot measure would dissolve Community Review Board on Police Practices and replace with have a new, independent commission which can conduct independent probes, subpeona witnesses, refer cases to Grand Jury, DA, or other agencies, and mandates outside legal counsel not the City Attorney's Office. (This was a procedural vote. Council will actually vote in July.)
    • Mayor Faulconer & Chief Nisleit Press Conference on Police Reform
      • New deescaltion policy implemented and required as first contact 
      • Mandatory intervention/reporting by officers if other officers are using excessive force 
      • Adopting Campaign Zero's 8 Can't Wait
        • Officers can be disciplined when not followed 

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