Friday, June 05, 2020

COVID-19 & Protests: County Expecting Stage 3 State Guidance | County Lifts Beach Restrictions | Parking Lots & Reservoirs To Open

Today is World Environment Day (Mission Trails 5.25.2019)
I finally got some sleep today, but now it's time for me to head to the speakeasy with Darren, so be safe out there. The helicopter has been buzzing back and forth over our house for the last several hours, so as we've done for the last two and half months, and keep our butts at home during the weekend. I did want to mention I ordered these super dorky face shields, but they're also kinda awesome, they're cheap, washable, reusable, fit on any standard baseball hat, and just might be the future of drinking at bars. The shipping is a little ridic, but they're heavy in their flat pack. You can buy them here. Today's briefing notes after the jump.

  • San Diego County Daily Briefing:
    • Coronavirus Update:
      • The County is removing restrictions on beaches starting June 9
      • Beach openings for all activities with household members and parking lots will be up to each local jurisdiction
      • Counties of California are expecting state guidance regarding the following businesses possibly tonight or this weekend, who may not open sooner than June 12, but will also have to self-certify for the county. (X Means they have not yet been issued)
        • X Gyms
        • Day Camps
        • X Campgrounds
        • Hotels
        • X Card Rooms
        • X Family Entertainments (bowling, batting cages)
        • X Bars & Wineries
        • X Zoos
        • X Indoor Museums
        • Film/TV production
        • Pro sports (no spectators)
      • Please still exercise caution with distancing, face coverings, and hygiene
      • No current outbreak concerns/County is within dashboard triggers
      • Urging testing for all protesters and anybody helping with cleanup
      • When asked about critical care and various hospitals reporting stress, "Eventually these things work themselves out." - Dr. Wooten (Does she mean they either get released or die?)
    • Sheriff Bill Gore 
      • Told deputy grads that they are responsible for protecting everyone in this community. It requires bravery and compassion.
      • The future of policing in this county and across the country is certain to change
      • The department strongly supports 1st amendment rights to demonstrate
      • Committed to listen and make policy changes
      • Remember that PO are community neighbors
      • Too soon to speculate what state changes would be to comment
    • La Mesa will not not pursue charges against Amaurie Johnson
  • City of San Diego Mayor Faulconer Briefing
    • Peaceful demonstrations and actions taken for meaningful reform in the country, state, regionally and specifically the City of San Diego (reiterated all the stuff that happened this week, including the Governor backing the end of the carotid restraint)
    • Neighborhood, Beach parking lots opening at full capacity on Tuesday, June 9
    • San Diego Lakes and Reservoir Reopening Schedule: 
      • June 6 - El Capitan Reservoir, Upper Otay Reservoir
      • June 13- San Vicente Reservoir
      • July 1- Lake Hodges Reservoir
      • July 3 - Sutherland Reservoir
      • July 8 - Barrett Reservoir
    • Note: Lakes and Reservoirs will be open for regular hours for walking, jogging, cycling, fishing, and boating. Normal fishing and boating fees apply
    • Gatherings and Non-Physical Distancing are still NOT PERMITTED
  • In related news, Monday will be the final budget discussion. Tuesday's public comments and regular council meeting lasted 11 hours. 
  • ACLU - Supports the divestment of police and investment in brwn and black communities.
  • The NFL has a message for players who knelt: “We were wrong” - Vox (6.5.2020)
  • San Diego County Fair offers Fair Food to go, plus virtual photo show, virtual "Out At The Fair" and other activities

    Another video of cute animals from the San Diego Humane Society

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