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Protests Amid Pandemic: Covid-19 Updates | Anti-Racism Resources | County Pushes For Stage 3 Reopening | Renter's Aid in San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter During Comiccon 7.17.2019
I've been in a quandary. I absolutely disagree with the #blackouttuesday in practice but agree in principle? If the original intent was to cease business operations and "reflect and mobilize" I'm all for it, but "blacking out" social media is suppressive not supportive and I can't get behind it. Part of the reason I post so much here is because I don't feel like my Facebook presence helps, sometimes the best thing I feel like I can do is get out of the way for the valuable messages to rise to the top, I'll continue to use this page to elevate those messages. I've also had to decide how to handle things from the perspective of the Casbah, and honestly, I cannot stand when brands and businesses post some generic message for whatever the cause-du-jour might be; I feel like we demonstrate our support in how our business is run in the first place--the artists that we book, how safe people feel within our doors, and how employees and patrons are treated every day. I also know silence can be interpreted as complicity, so I love a message like Ben & Jerry's, but their message has been part of their brand since their inception. I don't know the right answers but I will continue to ask questions and do my best.

  • County of San Diego Supervisors Meeting
    • Here's the agenda for the meeting that happened today. It was mostly boring stuff, but the County voted to ask the Governor to "reopen" San Diego, with Fletcher being the only dissenting vote. San Diego currently has a 'green light' for all thirteen criteria metrics set by the federal, state, and county governments. 
    • Position of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors is that we want to request local control, follow the 13 triggers, under advisory of County Health Officer Wilma Wooten. Passed 4-1.
      • 3A For June 23rd Meeting have a presentation that focuses on vulnerable populations and how they'll be protected with further opening
      • 3B Under current social distancing and safety protocols, ask cities to open beaches and all beach parking lots for all activities
      • 3C Send letter to governor that seeks local control to open all of these businesses and activities: hotels, gyms, wineries, breweries, churches to full safe distancing capacity, theme parks, youth sports, charter and fishing boats, pools (both recreational and therapeutic), arts and culture museums, and all remaining businesses listed in pilot program.
    • "In regards to County Board of Supervisors vote today on re-opening:
      We have had success in our re-opening because of the approach we have taken and not in spite of it. While I agree with the need to continue our safe reopening, and believe a number of additional entities are ready to open at this time (gyms, pools, sport fishing, youth sports, etc) I could not support the calls by my colleagues to send a letter to the Governor insisting that we reopen higher risk entities like churches at full capacity immediately.
      I believe we should stay the course in opening in a safe, responsible and systematic way. I look forward to additional progress in the coming days and weeks but do not support this reckless approach.
      Nathan Fletcher
      Supervisor, Fourth District
      County of San Diego"
  • City of San Diego City Council Meeting 
    • Former CityBeat Editor Dave Rolland does this great update for all San Diego City Council Meetings. I highly recommend subscribing. 
      • The People's Business
      • This meeting is still in progress but the big news here is that the Council is trying to reallocate $21 million in Faulconer's CARES Act money from police, $21 million from fire, and $9 million from shelter-to-home to a rental assistance program. There are also efforts to preserve affordable units in the City, which also is initiating conversation to resurrect restrictions for short term rental units. 
      • UPDATE: The Requested Action has passed unanimously with no-show from Cate.
        "Request that City staff work with the Mayor's office, the Housing Commission, and Councilmember Ward's office to create and Emergency COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program to provide rental assistance to qualifying individuals and families who have suffered a substantial decrease in income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, where the todal amount and source of funds shall be determined as part of approval of the FY21 budget."
      • Most of the "non-agenda public comments" went by the same script to reject Faulconer's FY21 SDPD budget increases. There were HUNDREDS of calls and 189 pages of public comment from agenda and non-agenda items.
        "I call on City Council to reject Mayor Faulconer’s proposal to increase the police budget. This is a racist budget. We need to decrease the police budget and invest in our communities by funding services that strengthen our communities. Public safety is investment in housing, health care, food, good jobs, education, free public transit, and resources for small businesses and undocumented people. We are in the middle of a
        pandemic, and our communities need access to health care, housing, and food; NOT racist policing. Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) are already more impacted by the health and economic crisis; increased funding to police makes them more vulnerable to violence. We are seeing police brutality and state violence against Black people being highlighted right now. Our communities have seen the effects of racist police. We
        remember what happened to Earl McNeal, Paul Rivera, Jonathon Coronel, Aleah Jenkins, Alfred Olango, and James Lacey. Invest in communities, not police. Focus on real safety—equitable access to housing, health care, and food—not tear gas and rubber bullets. Reject the proposal to increase the police budget. Decrease the police budget and invest in our communities by funding services that strengthen our communities."
  • This morning there was a press conference held by the family and lawyer of Leslie Furcron, who was shot in the face with a rubber bullet by La Mesa Police Department. The photos and videos are horrifying. I've declned to share the links or photos and I was not there, but whether Furcron was specifically targeted or randomly hit should be equally concerning and the La Mesa Police Department and City Council need to fully investigate this action and be fully transparent about the officers involved, in the actions taken, and any potential charges or actions against involved officers.  
  • City of San Diego Daily Briefing with Mayor Faulconer
    • Vast majority of San Diego protests are doing the right thing. Largely peaceful. 
    • Policies will be discussed in a special session this week 
      • Deescalation recommendations and policy changes
      • Reviewing protest practices
      • Increasing and facilitating community discussions
      • Citizens Advisory Board On Police/Community Relations Meeting: June 3 6pm SanDiego.gov/CAB 
      • Community Review Board on Police Practices: June 4 6pm sandiego.gov/communityreviewboard
    • Chief Nisleit
      • Facilitate protests as long as they remain peaceful
      • Will not tolerate violence, vandalism, assault
      • Officers are here to work with you and be part of the solution
    • Downtown Partnership and Clean & Safe Teams 
      • Thankful for volunteers who helped cleanup efforts
      • 275 blocks downtown/Minimal damage today

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