Monday, June 15, 2020

CoViD-19: Reopening Risk Assessment | NIVA Pushes For Longterm Assistance for Venues | Governor Newsom's Briefing: Don't Open If You're Not Ready

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I try really hard not to spend too much time writing about the Covitiot-in-chief and his racist minions, but I had to laugh this weekend when there was a MAGAt boat rally. Whether there were dozens or hundreds of boats doesn't really matter, as I saw people arguing about the 'facts' in online comments. The arrogance is the point. The waste, the luxury, the extravagance, the in-your-faceness of it all is the point. That anyone thought this was okay in any way, in the middle of a global pandemic when millions of people lost jobs and many are still waiting for any kind of assistance while also in the middle of worldwide protests to eliminate systemic racism in our legislation, law enforcement, and in all aspects of civil society, is so demonstrative of this administration and the despicable people who support it. It's obvious those people exist around us every day, but seeing it put on such display makes me sad for my City. Meanwhile, I feel like everyone is on my jock today and I don't like it, so I might try and escape for a bit to celebrate #NationalPhotographyDay. This is just the first post today since the Governor finally gave another media briefing. Today's morning stuff after the jump. 

  • I’m an ER Doctor. Here’s What I Feel OK Doing as My State Reopens. Each person’s calculus will be a little bit different depending on their comfort with risk and their priorities. - Slate (6.9.2020)
  • The National Independent Venue Association is asking Congress for longterm financial assistance: According to a new survey conducted by the National Independent Venue Association, which represents 2,000 members in all 50 states, 90% of its members say they will be forced to cease operations permanently if the shutdown lasts six months or longer and there’s no federal support provided. - Consequence of Sound (6.9.2020)
  • California Governor Newsom Media Briefing (6.15.2020)
    • Not using and on/off switch, rather a dimmer based on data and science
    • Counties should make data informed decisions for reopening
    • State issues guidelines on the how. Counties determine the when. 
    • Testing has increased (<2k to 78k a day). Positivity rate has dropped and remained stable over the last month. (40.8% in April to 4.5% today)
    • Spread rate remains stable. Hospitalization/ICU remains stable. 
    • CAPACITY: 53,745 surge beds/73,867 total hospital beds/3,103 Covid-19 patients hospitalized (<6%)/11,652 Ventilators available/3,775 ICU Available Capacity/1,053 ICU admissions (No increase in past 14 days) Numbers don't include alternative care site beds.
    • (1) 52/58 Counties have submitted self-attestation. (2) 13 Counties receiving 'targeted technical assistance and support' due to heightened concern about trends (3) Reinstate Community Measures.
      • Fresno, Imperial, Kern, Kings, LA, San Joaquin, Tulare have hit current triggers
    • Working with vulnerable populations through Project Roomkey and Nursing Homes. Over 10,000 rooms are occupied with previously unhoused people. Over 50% of deaths are from SNFs. 
    • Inventory of PPE: 175.5 Procedure Masks in inventory | 1.4 Million n-95 Masks | 10.4 million gowns | 2.6 Million Gloves | 20.1 Million Face Shields
    • Contact Tracing: 25 Counties Onboarded | 32 Counties in-process | 2243 Trained | 4855 Enrolled in Tracing | 10,000 contact tracers goal
    • Don't let amnesia, cabin fever, angst let your guard down. 1918 Flu Pandemic was mild, 2nd Wave was massive spike, 3rd Wave was double Wave 1 in Spring 1919.
    • Be Smart. Wear a face covering. Physically distance. Wash your hands. 
    • Be mindful of personal responsibility. 
    • Media questions:
      • Did you put economy ahead of public health? Stay at home order saved lives. You can't be in a permanent state of lockdown. Health officers have the right and responsibility to make those decisions. Doing what we can to mitigate the spread.
      • Not everyone is on the same page or same pace. We're not out of this by any stretch, we're only a few months into this. Until we see immunity/vaccines, we have to stay vigilant.
      • Tesla workers are protesting and demanding CAL/OSHA health inspections.
      • Counties are complaining that they're opening too quickly without support of testing and tracing. Governor: They don't have to reopen. Guidelines don't mean go. They are the how, not the when. State has provided support as demonstrated in all of today's slides. 

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