Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Covid-19: County Is One Community Outbreak Shy of Trigger | Distance Music Classes & Camp | Parking Enforcement to Resume in July | Anti-Racist Reading | Photos: La Jolla Cove

We had a late night in the speakeasy so today was super lazy and chill, catching up on my dumbass Bravo reality shows. I have nothing interesting to report today. Covid numbers continue to climb nationwide and the online and in-real-life ignorance is baffling and depressing.  I'm gonna post some of my Monday photos from La Jolla Cove after the updates and links in this post. My top pic is terrible lighting but I loved watching this little pup so much that he gets top billing. I'll get back to normal life tomorrow.

  • County of San Diego Media Briefing
    • 2 new testing sites
    • Numbers of cases and hospitalizations is relatively flat
    • Several counties have seen serious spikes in cases and hospitalizations (Ventura over 70% increase in hospitalizations!)
    • Evidence is showing over and over that masks work
    • Hispanic/Latinos represent 34% of population but 67% cases in San Diego
    • 106 Outbreaks/51% closed/52 still active: 
      • Congregate Living Facilities 17 SNFs
      • Community Outbreaks (3 or more cases from the same event/location) 14 active/3 new community outbreaks. 2 in restaurants, 1 residence, 3 businesses. 
    • Channel 10 stated there was a college party of 30+ people. More than 10 have now tested positive. County Health was not aware of this specific event.
    • People tested are not asked specifically about protests, but if you've been to a protest, it is recommended you get tested
  • Nova finally started taking distance piano lessons again, and Darren has started teaching her guitar, too. But to supplement that, I'm happy this article came out. 

  • In honor of Juneteenth, this is a great reading list that's making the round on the interwebs. 

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