Friday, June 19, 2020

Covid-19 Updates | Juneteenth Reading | How To Watch The Solar Eclipse | Kitten Abundance | San Diego Zoo & Safari Park Reopen

Today I talked to my sister on the phone. She was at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, enjoying a little picnic in one of our favorite little secret areas, and I was feeling bad because me and Darren were up so late in our 'speakeasy' that I slept through the invite and miss the chance to join them. But then I got to thinking about last night and how valuable it has been to have a separate space for me and Darren to hang out and have drinks and have long talks and listen to music and appreciate each other and be thankful that during this pandemic and all the crazy times that we have each other. So no, I didn't get to watch the juvenile elephants romp around today, but I get to be with this dude and that is not at all worth any regret. 
Today is Juneteenth, so I've included a ton of reading, a couple Covid updates and a link to this weekend's eclipse. Also, my Casbah playlist was released today. Check it out here.
Hope you enjoy. 

  • Some local news:
  • Covid-19:
    • Trump Says Covid-19 is ‘Dying Out.’ Experts Fear his Dismissiveness Could Prolong the Crisis - STAT (6.18.2020)
      "The White House is taking a new position on the coronavirus pandemic: a daily count of 750 deaths is a testament to the federal government’s successful pandemic response. But a range of public health experts told STAT that this messaging not only diverts attention from a pandemic that has already caused 120,000 U.S. deaths, but has more practical implications: It could make it difficult for local governments to enlist the public in the mitigation measures necessary to reduce the continued spread of the virus."
    • Masking Up in Fight Against COVID-19 - Statista (6.19.2020)
      "Initially deemed ineffective in preventing infection with the novel coronavirus, the scientific consensus on the effectiveness of masks has shifted over the past two months. While it’s still believed to be inadequate in protecting the wearer of the mask from contracting the virus, it has shown to be highly effective in preventing asymptomatic carriers of the virus from unknowingly passing it on."
  • Just for fun:
    • There's an eclipse this weekend for the summer solstice. It will be a "ring of fire" eclipse and not visible from our part of the world, but you can set a reminder to watch it on YouTube here
    • The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are reopening to the public on Saturday, June 20th. Looks like hours are 9am-8pm on weekends and 9am-6pm on weekdays. Hours are subject to change. Mask usage is strictly enforced. You should definitely read all their rules and restrictions and note that they're subject to lower capacities. 

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