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CoViD-19 & Black Lives Matter: More San Diego County and City Reopenings | Scrutinizing Police Practices | Must Watch: Dave Chappelle's 8:46

View From Sweetwater Summit County Park Campground (6.11.2020)
I'm home from camping now and it was lovely and I'm glad we went. The site was Sweetwater Summit County Park & Campground and funny enough, my sister only found it because I had told her about our hike at the Sweetwater West Staging Area, before County parks closed, so she went exploring and driving around and found this place. I had no idea such a place existed so close to home. We hadn't arranged for a pet sitter, so we still ran home to feed the pets and shower (I'm still not entirely comfortable sharing communal facilities), we even grabbed Ficus to hang out with us for a few hours before returning her home in the evening (and I maybe snuck in a nap at home), but I made campfires just like my dad taught me and we slept in a tent for two nights and ate hot dogs and made s'mores and cooked a giant breakfast in my iron skillet on a butane stove, so I think it still counts as camping. Mostly it was just nice to close my laptop on Wednesday and not open it again until today (Of course I still checked email on my phone. No true vacations exist in my world).
After two showers, my hair still smells like a firepit. There's all kinds of hiking and biking and a safe and smooth road for skateboarding, so the girls had fun, but I was 100% relaxed and pretty much stayed at our site enjoying the fresh air besides the aforementioned trips home and back.
As for businesses, things are ramping up quickly though I'm glad the Casbah is still not reopening with no intent to just open as a bar without entertainment. It's the weekend, which means we'll be staying home and avoiding the masses, but with Nova's soccer "day camp" maybe resuming next week, I'm probably going to slowly start enjoying the places and things I love like La Jolla Cove, Fiesta Island, and Balboa Park. You'll just see me in a mask and face shield while I do. Lots of catching up after the jump, but first, go read this amazing Twitter thread answering the question, "why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?" Updates after the jump.

  • County of San Diego Media Briefing (Wednesday):
    • Triggers are based on data. We'll continue to act on data, not politics.
    • County is seeing an uptick in outbreaks in community settings (private residences, restaurants, private-sector, churches)
    • Health order still stands. Gatherings at homes are not encouraged; advising against it. 
    • Pools reopen Fridays. Jacuzzis and spas will remain closed.
    • Face Coverings, Physical Distance Needed to Prevent Surge of COVID-19-(6.11.2020)
    • COVID-19 Contact Tracing (6.11.2020)
  • County of San Diego Media Briefing (Friday):
    • More Industries Reopening
      • State is allowing additional businesses to reopen Friday, June 19
        • Personal Care: 
          • Waxing
          • Tattoos
          • Facials
          • Nail Salons
          • Massage Therapy
      • Some businesses may choose not to open
      • Crisis is not over; still out there; cases still rising
      • Face coverings are still required by the County
    • Currently at 5 new community outbreaks in the past 5 days. 2 more and we're automatically "triggered". 
    • Must continue to increase testing. New website to make appointments for free testing. For ages 12+ only. (Kids under 12 are referred to Rady's Children's Hospital for testing)
    • 15 Active outbreaks in community settings 
    • Other regions are seeing significant increases
    • Media Questions:
      • One restaurant outbreak as of this morning; not divulging where
      • Some protesters have tested positive, but not considered community outbreaks 
      • CDC and State would be notified if there are spikes from tourists
      • County would "dial reopenings down" if any triggers hit
      • No live music in restaurants and bars. No dancing. 
  • City Of San Diego Mayor Faulconer (From Thursday- Final Daily Briefing)
    • "The next steps after this depend not on government. They will depend on each of us. This next phase of reopening is all about personal responsibility and accountability. Do not take unnecessary risks that could put others in harm's way."
    • From City of San Diego Facebook:
      • REMINDER - As of today, the following have reopened:
        • East and West Mission Bay Parks open to all park and water uses
        • All Mission Bay Park parking lots open at full capacity
        • Fiesta Island open to pedestrians, dogs and cyclists only
        • All piers and boardwalks open
        • Balboa Park’s central mesa open
        • All Balboa Park parking lots open at full capacity
        • Bars, Gyms, Hotels, Movie Theaters
      • Enforcement will remain as directed by the County Health Order:
        • All persons on the beach shall practice physical distancing other than members of the same household.
        • The public shall not congregate or participate in active sport activities on beaches.
        • Wear a mask when within 6 feet of a person not from your household.
  • Recommended Reading:
This is a must watch. This is definitely making the rounds online, so perhaps you've already watched it but if you haven't, I urge you to sit through it. The whole thing. Don't get turned off by the language.

Dave Chappelle 8:46

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