Thursday, November 05, 2020

CoViD-19 Setting Daily Records | Election Results Trickle In | Big Election Winner: Weed


Newman the Sandcat is All Of Us Watching Election Results
(Taken at San Diego Zoo Safari Park 10.13.2020)

I was super negative yesterday about the elections and my personal voting record, but it wasn't all bad. Several of the organizations that I support are reticent to declare winners until every vote is counted, but there were some good winners. I still think this country is gross and 68 million people chose racism, sexism, bigotry, xenophobia, and fake Christianity over decency and that is really, really tragic. My friend, local musician, and Philosophy professor Peter Bolland wrote the following:

If Biden wins, it will be a muted celebration. Because now we know that half of America didn't just get duped by a reality show con man. They saw him in action for four years, and they said, "Yes, that's me. I like that. More of that please." That we didn't just take a brief, accidental detour toward authoritarian, antidemocratic autocracy — we actually deliberately chose authoritarian, antidemocratic autocracy last night, in staggering numbers. That's it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are cancelled forever. I can't even look these people in the eye. And if you're still talking about "unity" and "building bridges" and "listening to both sides" and "finding common ground" it only proves to me how blithely oblivious you are to the frightening forces of white supremacy, anti-intellectualism, and violent ultra-nationalism that are infecting the entire globe. Human beings are the most dangerous animals on the planet — that has always been true. But it's still stunning to see them in action on such a massive scale.

Meanwhile we're still seeing COVID-19 numbers ignite like crazy and it is possible that we'll be sliding back to the purple tier next week. Nova's school was looking for a January reopening, but at this rate, we may be looking at no in-person school until she's going into 9th grade next fall. If that's the way it's gotta be, so be it. We're not risking our lives (or my parents') because life is uncomfortable. 

Hope everyone out there is hanging in there. 

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