Wednesday, November 18, 2020

CoViD-19: US Passes 250,000 Deaths | Nearly 1 in 100 Americans Est. Contagious At This Moment | Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Today I fell in love with a Cockatoo at San Diego Zoo Safari Park (11.18.2020)

Nova has short online days on Wednesdays, and I got to sleep early enough last night that this morning we all had brunch together and made plans to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in the afternoon. Before I left, I created the subject of this post: US Passes 250,000 Deaths. At the time, we were still hovering around 247k. Sure as shit, I got a notification around 2pm, when we arrived there, that we had hit that number nationally. It's so grim. 
I also get lost in numbers sometimes. If 184k people tested positive yesterday across the country, and you look at San Diego's analysis that 6.4% of cases end up in the hospital, that's nearly 12,000 new hospitalizations to come just from one day alone. If you use California's number which is over 12%, that's almost 25,000 hospitalizations nationally just based on yesterday's test results. When you hear doctors and nurses and experts in a panic, this is why. 
We did end up at the Safari Park for a few hours and it was very sparsely attended so it was easy to avoid people. I fell in love with a cockatoo I never knew was behind the coffee stand and we pretty much covered every area of the park except the world gardens. I'm looking forward to the holiday celebrations there and at the San Diego Zoo, though we may find ourselves driving up and turning right back around to drive home if crowds get too intense. Me and Darren have plans to meet in the speakeasy tonight, so I'm gonna wrap it up and will be back tomorrow. 

Photos: San Diego Zoo Safari Park (11.18.2020)

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