Sunday, November 15, 2020

CoViD-19 San Diego County Records Highest Single Day Of Positive Tests | How Other Countries Are Dealing With Pandemic | Obama's Anticipated Memoir |

(Taken 11.10.2020)

If current US trends hold (1200 deaths/day and increasing), by inauguration day (66 days away) we could see 330-350k total deaths or more in the US (we passed 250k known deaths this weekend.) 75,000 more people could die between now and January 20 because the current administration chooses to do nothing. Today I have some articles on how COVID-19 is being dealt with in other parts of the world, so maybe you can take it as a warning or plan for the reality and not the bullshit of herd immunity eugenics this admin is leaving us with until January. Meanwhile, San Diego hit a 9% daily testing positivity on Saturday with 1,087 new cases recorded, our highest single day number since the pandemic began. 
I kinda skipped Sunday altogether. I was up all night reading news, doom scrolling, and I'm currently reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton after I saw her on an episode of WWHL on Bravo. I finally fell asleep long after the sun was up and slept in the quiet of my room while Darren and Nova watched TV, took the dog for a walk, watched football and hung around the house. When I did finally awake after lots of deep and intricate dreams, we were all inspired by Diwali this weekend and made our best attempts at Indian cooking. Nova has been making this garlicky onion and turmeric rice, we have some packaged chana masala and madras lentils, and I've been experimenting with something that lands between Boston Market's creamed spinach and Indian saag paneer, but I used Mexican panela. It was delicious and I'll keep working on it because I miss Indian food the most during this pandemic. We did takeout one time but it was so expensive and we had a crazy long wait and it soured us on the whole experience. 
Besides all that, we've been watching lots of streaming. Last night we watched a movie called Spell which takes place in Iceland, which kind of aligned with Undone, which we'd watched just last week, in that it questions 'shaman' and 'superstitions' and 'magic' with mental illness. We are also in the middle of watching a Finnish opera about COVID which I've linked below. 
I'm gonna cut because it's time for the nightly ritual: Nova comes out after brushing her teeth and says, "Good night dad, good night Rosey. I love you," and Ficus gets up and runs to her room to reserve her spot on the bed. It has become a nightly highlight because sometimes Fi doesn't even wait for the announcement anymore. In these times, it's the little things. 

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