Tuesday, November 17, 2020

CoViD-19 Community Spread Challenges Contact Tracing | Kids ' Cases Continue To Rise Nationally | Reducing Thanksgiving Risk | Photos: San Diego Zoo

I'm gonna have to do some reading because I decided not to tune in to either the County Board of Supervisors or the City Council Meetings today. I tuned in for a moment and people were commenting on flavored tobacco/vapes and I knew there was no way I was wasting my time. I wonder if sometimes agendas are just determined just by what will be the least painful public testimony? Like pre-pandemic, you'd maybe have a couple dozen comments on any item, now that people can call in, there are sometimes hundreds all calling with similar scripts and it must be absolutely exhausting. 

The pandemic hasn't slowed down at all, but the news is just redundant. Today I heard a commentator suggest that we could have 500k COVID deaths by the end of the year and I think that's crazy and exactly why people don't believe the news. I'm sticking with my conservative 350k by inauguration. Though when I predicted we'd hit 10 million cases by mid-November I didn't expect to actually hit 11million in that time. One thing you should take a look at today is the COVID watch linked below. The county is still saying that we're at 94% case investigations, but the COVID watch tells another story: it says that in the time from 11/1-11/14, there were 7,661 cases but only 4,917 interviewed. That's an awful lot of unidentified possible community exposures. I'm gonna have to find a way to ask Dr McDonald a question in the next media briefing. 

I finished reading Love Warrior last night and I get why Glennon Doyle has such a huge following but it was a little too "hashtag blessed" for me. When I finished the book in the middle of the night, I started putting some new ones on hold, including Barack Obama's memoir. Maybe it will be available by the time I finish reading Michell's Becoming. Of course I did my share of doomscrolling, too, and was fascinated/horrified by the latest election conspiracy having to do with a server found by the army in Frankfurt. OMG. It's pure insanity.

Anyway, Nova and I hit the San Diego Zoo for the closing hours today while Darren built a new planter box out of a palette at home. Tuesdays at 3pm have proven to be a great time to go, though I still finding it annoying how many people are unmasked to drink their beers while spreading out across entire walkways. To avoid people, we did a long time in a couple of the aviaries, hung out by the bonobos for a while, and watched the leopards sleep in hopes they'd get active at the end of the day. They didn't. There are supposedly a few new koala joeys, so we closed the day watching one of them. Stats and news and photos from the Zoo after the jump. 

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