Saturday, November 28, 2020

CoViD-19: San Diego Reaches 15.6 Adjusted Cases Per 100k | Situation Is Getting Dire | Are LA Lockdowns A Vision Of SD Future?

Another Take Of Our Fam at the Old Globe Dr. Seuss Tree (Taken 11.23.2020)

 When we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Thanksgiving, I was thanking Darren and Nova for always indulging me and Darren joked, "well, it's the only place you let us go." So I guess yeah, I'm a little bit psycho about everything, but today San Diego's numbers were reassessed by the state, and we're currently at 26.5 cases per 100k and 15.6 per 100k with the adjustment (which is based on daily tests relative to the state mean of testing.) For weeks we teetered at 7, arguing about whether businesses should remain open, and now we're not even close. The state hasn't issued guidance more strict than the purple tier, but I wouldn't be surprised if part of their 'emergency brake' strategy comes into line with some of the extra things LA is doing -- specifying that masks are required anytime you're out of your house whether people are nearby or not, further limiting capacities on essential and non-essential businesses, eliminating all in-person eating, whether indoors or outdoors, forbidding mixed-household gatherings at homes, businesses, and parks and beaches. Our county still doesn't seem to have any will to enforce anything so I don't know what can really be done except to stay home as much as possible and wait it all out. I guess I'm just saying that we shouldn't be surprised if we see more restrictions soon. Stock up on your goods and food just in case. 

  • World COVID-19 Stats (JHU 11/28 7:28pm):
    • 62,158,338 Known Cases
    • 1,450,578 Known Deaths
  • US COVID-19 Stats (JHU 11/28 7:28pm):
    • 13,238, 433 Known Cases
    • 266,014 Known Deaths
  • California COVID-19 Stats:
    • 11,996 New Cases/1,183,320 Total Cases (1.0% increase)
    • 56 New Deaths/19,089 Total Deaths (0.3% increase)
    • 6% 14-day test positivity rate
  • San Diego County Stats
    • State Data:
      • 1,802 New Cases/78,161 Total Cases
      • 0 Deaths/996 Total Deaths
      • 26.5 cases/100k population (Based on week ending 11/22, Assessed on 11/28. Unadjusted Case Rate)
      • 4.7% Test Positivity (Based on week ending 11/22, Assessed on 11/28)
      • N/A Health Equity Positivity (Based on week ending 11/16)
    • County Data:
      • 1,859 New Cases/80,018 Total Cases 
      • 0 New Daily Deaths/997 Total Deaths
      • 14% Daily Test Positivity/6.7% (7-day avg after 7-day lag)/6.1% Test Positivity (14-day average)
      • 15.6 cases/100k population (Based on week ending 11/22, Assessed on 11/28. Unadjusted case rate per 100,000 excluding prisons.) 
      • Case Investigation is 73%
      • Increasing hospitalizations 19.7%
      • 16 New/86 Community Outbreaks (7-day)
  • Universities:
  • COVID-19:

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