Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thursday Recap: Firethorn, Electric Jellyfish, Mostly Bears

Thursday night I headed to Scolari's to catch a couple local bands and a couple out of towners. Unfortunately I got there at the tail end of Firethorn's set (where they played a cover of "Waiting Room"), so I wasn't quick enough on the draw to take any pics. Then I found out Hollywood Begs wasn't going to I ended up watching some of the out of towners and playing some pool, something I've not done in quite some time.

The first out of town band was Electric Jellyfish who came from Australia. They were good though there songs were on the longer side and it was a little hatd for me to sit still while they played (and led me to the pool table).

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There was a bit of a long changeover while there was a "are Hollywood Begs playing or not?" conversation but the drummer got bit by a dog? That was the story anyway, though nobody believed it.

Here's the guys of Firethorn hanging out.
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Mostly Bears closed up the night. They're from Arizona, Tucson, I think, and they were good but I wasn't wowed by anything in particular, though maybe my head was elsewhere because I had planned on also heading to the Casbah but never quite made it.
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Still, it was a good night, how could it not be when T-bone is behind the bar.

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I headed out as Mostly Bears were finishing up and made my way to the Ken Club to say hi...I feel like I've been neglecting home base. Dev and I had a good chat that might result in a new direction for me, so stay tuned.

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