Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"If I Were You, I'd Want To Make Out With Me, Too."

This post is going to be a lot more like my old blog, where I just write about the shit that's been going on in my life of late. I was trying to upload my Black Box Halloween pics and for some reason it didn't work, so I'll skip Wednesday and post those pictures later, but in the meantime, here was my week.

Thursday night was a night at Hamilton's. I made the mistake of not eating dinner and ordering beer, which at that place tends to have a higher APV than your normal Bud, so TNT didn't happen, nor anything else. Maybe it was just the flutters in my stomach from the first day on my job- like that feeling I always got before the first day of school- but I was at Hamilton's a few hours and went straight to bed afterward.

I know this pic isn't in focus, but after a few beers at Hamilton's, it's kind of an accurate representation of how one might feel leaving the bar.

And it was Troy Johnson's celebration of his new job at Riviera Mag, so all the CityBeat peeps were out to wish him farewell. Unfortunately, trying to take a pic of 2 or more people, someone inevitably has their eyes closed or something, so I won't post those pics.

Friday, I worked hard all day at my new job, which gives me more satisfaction than anything has in a long time, but when I got home, I was tired and sniffly and sneezy and whatnot, so I stayed in for the night. Sucks to kill the first night of a weekend like that, but I guess my body was reacting to my new timeframe.

Saturday I woke up relatively early and met my friends at Horton Plaza. They're here for the Neuroscience thingy at the Convention Center, and I haven't seen them since their wedding last summer, and now that they're living in the UK, so it's been hard to keep up. But then we hang out and life goes right back to normal. We just sorta walked the mall and chatted, then opted for Hot Dog On A Stick, which I don't think I've eaten since I was in high school. Yum. A cheesestick, lemonade and some fries. Then we went to the arcade on the third level of the mall, where I beat Neil in Air Hockey, then we sat out catching some sun, watching two guys go apeshit nuts on Dance Dance Revolution. Then we saw the most hilarious thing. Some mid twenties emo guy on Healies (that's what those sneakers with skates on them are called, right?) with his girlfriend, and they stopped to watch one of the dudes on DDR, and he had this mocking face on him watching the dude, but, and I couldn't even make this up, the guy was sucking a fucking pacifier.

As we sat on the bench outside the arcade, I could only wish that the glare on the glass wasn't so bad because that could've been the best picture I've ever posted on this site. Alas, I couldn't capture it, so I just have to have that image etched in my brain and hope that you can only imagine that sight.

From Horton, they headed back to the convention center and I headed home, where I cleaned my home and uploaded local music for 10 hours straight.

Then it was off to the Ken Club, where I didn't watch the show, but did meet The Predicates.
Aren't they adorable???

I hung out there longer than I should've and in roll my neighbors. Yikes. Always bad. After the bar closed, I went to their place down the street and we had a bonfire and hung out. A long night. I was up far beyond sunrise, so Sunday was wasted.

The funny thing was that I had set my clocks back an hour before I went out. Then I set them another hour back when I got home. So later that afternoon, as I attempted to catch up on all my Internet responsibilities, it wasn't until I decided to make some food that I realized I'd double set my clocks back, and I was late for 5 o clock bevvies with my friends downtown.

So I met them at 6 at the Gaslamp Tavern then we decided to have dinner, so I took them to the Local. I was a little bummed that I was missing the Bob Schneider/AM show at the Belly Up, because I love both of them, but I was with my BFF and surrounded by her neuroscience Brit friends, so I can't really complain.

From there, I headed home and it was time to get my CityBeat column together. And really, that's the end of the story. I worked my ass off today, then went to my parents' house for some homemade dinner goodness and to see my niece who is growing so fast I can't hardly believe I haven't been keeping a closer eye on her. I planned on coming home and catching up, but then Tim Pyles plugged my "blogiversary" show at the Ken and played Swim Party as the Local Member of the day, and I was so stoked to hear my shit plugged on the radio that I had to go to Anti-Monday League and thank him in person.

So now at least you know where I've been and what I've been up to, and now it's way past my bedtime and I still owe pics of Halloween as well as some pics I took tonight of Apostle of Hustle and Do Make Say Think, along with my Things To Do list for the week. But I finally got the wi-fi passcode for work, so I'll take care of as much as I can during my lunch hour.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been so complimentary about this site, about my haircut, about my job, and understanding about my lack of posts of late. I will find a routine soon, things are just a little crazed right now.
This is Johanna, my niece, at 14 weeks old.

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