Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday Night: Run Run Run at San Diego Sports Club

Like I said, after I see Rocky Votolato at UCSD, I'll be at SDSC to see my boys Run Run Run. Guaranteed big light show; definitely no pictures. You have to witness the spectacle for yourself.

Yeah, guess what!? I missed the Iron & Wine show at 4th and B, but I am Iron and I'm drinking Wine, and that has to count for something. And I'm actually at the bar, sitting next to Kittyhead while laptopping and shit. It was actually nice to get home from work (albeit at 8:30) and to have some wine (though the first bottle I opened was spoiled and then I broke the wine opener) and put on my pjs, straighten up the house a bit, then catch a movie OnDemand (even though it was predictable and the ending sucked). Even while I was unemployed I never really found the time to do this.

Oh, and while I was cleaning, I listened to High Mountain Temple which is all kinds of spooky and fits the title exactly. If I was a soccer mom and my 15 year old kid was listening to this, I'd probably send him to therapy, just to make sure he's OK, but as a 31 year old woman, I was just glad that I was listening at an early time in the night or I might've been sicking my dog on any predators in the backyard, totally creeped out and thinking everyone was out to get me. And I actually got to appreciate all the sounds and instrumentation and looping because I was cleaning. The music is actually really cool, but it's definitely mood music if I've ever heard any, and there are definite times to listen to the spacey sounds. Maybe I should try sex to it just to challenge my perspective... :)

Did I mention I'm on free wi-fi at the Ken Club? Aww yeah. Be prepared to see me out with my laptop more often. I just can't do it all without taking it with me. Please don't make fun. Ultimately, I do it for you....

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