Sunday, November 18, 2007

More Pics: Steve Poltz & Dennis Borlek, Joanie & Ray

I forgot to add these pics to the last post and decided to make it a new one:

First, here's Steve Poltz and Dennis Borlek. There's an interview with Steve in the Nov/Dec issue of Music Matters. Pick up a copy at the Casbah.

Here's Ray Suen and Joanie Mendenhall. Ray just got back from Australia after a tour with Louis XIV. Joanie's band Joanie + Secretaries is playing on Friday night at the Tower Bar with The Roman Spring and Emery Byrd. In that same Music Matters mentioned above, there's a great pic of Matt, the singer of Emery Byrd. Someday that mag will come online, but till then, check out the glossy.

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