Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thursday Recap: SD:Dialed In One Year Anniversary with Swim Party, Writer, and Pocket Utopia

After a late Wednesday and all day at work, I was happy that I was able to get home, get a little overtime work in (gotta love Excel spreadsheets!), and still get a disco nap in before my big show. I grabbed a bite from Ponce's and took it to the bar and a lot of my friends came early to hang out, which I appreciate because for my sister and brother in law to allow Johanna to spend the night with my parents to come out had to be a hard choice. Thursday can be slow at the Ken Club, and even competing against great shows at Cane's, the Beauty Bar, The Casbah, and the Tower, we had a really, really good turnout, though I think that speaks more to the bands than anything.

I've of course talked about Pocket Utopia, Writer and Swim Party extensively here before and they all gave impressive performances, even with a couple sound issues that I really think were only noticeable to the bands, because from where I was they sounded great. It wasn't my intention to snub other bands that I love when I booked the show; instead I wanted to mix it up a little with a couple bands that I don't think get the opportunity to play as much as they should. With the success of the night, I think I'll try to get another show together for next month, so if anyone is interested in getting on the second Thursday of December, please let me know and we'll go from there.

I appreciated Swim Party's attempt to get me on stage for a speech, but really, why do they think I write in the first place?? So thanks to everyone who came to the show, to my friends who faithfully read this blog, and especially to the strangers who read this blog and came out to the show but for one reason or another haven't introduced themselves yet. It has been a great year, probably the best of my life thus far, and it ain't over. I feel like '08 is gonna be even better- and the 2nd anniversary falls on election night so hopefully we'll have double the reasons to celebrate.

I chose to not take too many pics of the night, but here are a few, as well as Lynn's drawings of the evening.

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