Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wed Recap: Great Northern & Robbers On High Street @ The Casbah

Weekends just aren't long enough, are they?

I've got some major recapping to do, but finding the balance between working, going out, then actually writing about it all has been pretty challenging of late. I'll do my best to do the last 4 nights some justice.

First, there was Wednesday night. Great Northern have been full-on road dogs this year, traversing the country and finding a way to play San Diego at least 4 times. I'd been to three of their four shows (I missed when they opened for LadyTron) and have felt honored that their label, Eenie Meanie Records, reached out to me at let me be a part of presenting their shows.

Recently, you might remember that I was invited by my friend Malinda to get a facial from The Undercarriage. It was such a great treat and we'd been talking about making something happen for a while, so here's what she and her business partner Kirsten came up with: why not offer touring bands a place to relax before a show, get some free services, have some drinks and snacks, and be able to have a little quiet time before a show? This is an offer the ladies would like to extend to other touring bands who come through town, and the way things went on Wednesday, I don't think we'll have any problem finding bands who want to be a part of it. All that is asked in return are some photo and video ops.

It wasn't until the late afternoon that we got final confirmation that the band would be coming by. Around 8 I arrived at the shop and the band was already there. Drinks were poured and we just hung out, while they rotated through the treatment rooms, getting eyebrow waxes, mini facials, and massages. Rachel, Ashley, Solon and Davey were awesome people to just hang with and we chatted about their tour, about CMJ, cities they love, and stations that have helped them (like 94/9). Oh, and they'd seen the YouTube videos I uploaded from the Belly Up show and they love them, so we had a great "Band of Horses are idiots" conversation. It was a relaxing great time. By 10, the band was all refreshed and we all headed to the Casbah.

We missed the opening band, but were there in time to catch Robbers on High Street. I was a little surprised how young the guys are. There are some songs reminiscent of Spoon (especially "The Fatalist") but to me there's also a similarity to Crowded House, one of my all time favorite bands. They played a great set and the crowd seemed to love them right back.

Robbers On High Street "Across Your Knee"

Robbers On High Street Setlist, Casbah, 11-07-07

Great Northern took the stage and once again, sounded great. Before the show I warned them that I would be flash happy and also asked what song I should record, and Rachel was nice enough to cue me when they were going to play a new song that is not on their album. The set was great and the whole vibe of the show was one great party.

That meant even better times after the show as we all hung out with Robbers and GN taking some really silly photos. It was a late night and made Thursday morning a little challenging, but it was so worth it. Because of the way the Casbah is set up sans a real dressing room, bands are completely accessible to fans if they want to be, and if they don't want to be bothered, they usually have to hide in their vans or busses. I've met a lot of really great bands, and really nice bands, but there are few who embrace their fans like the Robbers and Great Nothern do. Big thanks to them, Eenie Meanie, Filter Magazine, Sneak Attack, and The Undercarriage for what was another amazing night in San Diego.

Davey has a Rocket From The Crypt tattoo!

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