Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Plug Awards Nominees: The Locust & Mike Halloran

The PLUG Awards are to indie bands what the Grammy's are for sellout cheeseballs who sell a bazillion records to the masses. Wait, does that really work as an analogy? Not really. But anyway, they're annual awards that are kind of a big deal in the indie music world. So yeah, Band of Horses are in pretty much every category ("and the Plug Award for biggest asshole goes to...") but there are some other worthy mentionables, like the National and Arcade Fire who appear to be fighting for the top spot on most lists this year.

San Diego is getting some shout outs, too, so ye shall get yer indie butt over and vote

In the "Punk Album of the Year" category, The Locust are nominated for New Erections.

In the "Best Specialty Show" category, Mike Halloran from FM 94/9 (KBZT) is nominated for FTP (or as we all know it, Fuck Tim Pyles), which, ironically, is sometimes hosted by Tim Pyles.

Anyway, show some local love for the Plugs.

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