Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Monday Night: Do Make Say Think & Apostle of Hustle @ Casbah

As I mentioned, I wasn't planning on hitting the Casbah last night, what with no disco nap and all. But then there was that thing on 94/9 and I was geeking out, so I had to get down there to hang out. I got there around 9:30 which was good because I had plenty of time to make the rounds before Apostle of Hustle started. I'll admit that I was unfamiliar with the band's material, but they appeared to have a good buzz about them as it didn't take long for the crowd to fill the room.

Apostle of Hustle was really great and the singer had some great stage banter and stories explaining what their songs were about. My favorite points in the night were the songs with the dual vocals, and when the drummer came from behind his kit to sit up stage front to sit on his percussion box for some hand slap drumming. I haven't seen this done as much as I'd like, except for AM Vibe's sets in the Atari Lounge and at the Nada Surf in-store performance a while back. But the kicker, and what really sold me on the band, was the last song of their set- in Spanish. Oh, indie rockers, the way to my heart is to talk about una chica linda. Swoon.

Between bands, I was introduced to Pete Stewart and Mario ("I'm one of the Plastic Saviors") and Sulo, who does booking at Brick By Brick. If you haven't seen Pete, he's amazing on stage. They're playing the Ken Club on Friday if you get a chance to come by. I'd met Sulo a while back at the Honey Brothers show at the Brick but it was cool to see him again, since that was some time ago.

Jason and Abraham showed up, and it was a really great night, because we know typically I'm not into dominantly instrumental music, but Do Make Say Think were absolutely amazing with their 8 people onstage (two drum kits), but since vocals were minimal, we listened to most of the set from the patio. These are musician's musicians and the mostly male crowd was really into their sonic beauty. I think I appreciated them more this time than I did back in March when I saw them but didn't really "get" them. I wasn't even going to take pictures because the crowd was so thick and into it, but I was able to make my way to the front during the second encore when the crowd had thinned out a bit (it was after all, approaching 1 a.m.)

We hung around a while after the show until we were swept out of the bar, but I was glad I'd stuck around because the music really was something special. I came home and posted here and stuff, so I didn't get nearly enough sleep, but it really helps that my new job doesn't start until 9, whereas the last one started at 7:30 and I'd have to get up early enough for the bicycling part of my commute. I'm digging this job.

Speaking of the job, and totally off topic, but when driving home today, there was a 9 car chain reaction accident that happened right in front of me. Of course, I didn't see it happen because of the 6 giant SUVs in front of me blocking the view, but I was in the lane and there was a whole lot of brake slamming and swerving and people coming within inches of bumpers, though those 9 cars couldn't swerve or slam their brakes quick enough, including a minivan and a taxi that were squished in the middle of the pile up. It would be nice if people would slow the hell down, especially at rush hour, and especially in a spot like Mission Valley where lanes merge and exit rapidly. To make it all worse for me, Halloran decided to play Band of Horses new single. Twice. In a row. I'm gonna have to reconsider my path home- maybe staying on Friars to avoid the 8 entirely. And if Halloran keeps it up, I might have to reconsider listening the radio instead of the iPod. I'm jus' sayin'.

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