Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friday Recap: Emery Byrd, The Roman Spring, Joanie + Secretaries @ Tower Bar

Could I have had a lazier weekend? Probably not. While I probably should've been doing work, instead I was lounging and eating leftovers and napping and wearing pajamas like they're a uniform. It has been really great. I did, however, motivate and head out by nightfall each night.

Friday night found me at the Tower Bar for Joanie + Secretaries, The Roman Spring, and Emery Byrd. Do I even need to say that it was a fun night? Joanie and the Secretaries started off the night and it was nice to see that a band whose vocals are somewhat gentle can still pull in a full crowd at the Tower Bar, traditionally known for hosting louder more aggressive music. The same was true for Saturday night, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

So Joanie played. She has Ray Suen on guitar and violin, and shares the same drummer from the Ex-Friends, while she rotates on bass, guitar, and keys with someone I didn't know. They sounded really, really great. Joanie's voice can easily go up against any of those indie chicks touted by indie blogger nation.

The Roman Spring were up next. Poor Alex had to wait outside in the cold until it was time for them to play. Every time I see him, there's very clear growth vocally. The band had Ray play with them for a bit, too, which really upped the energy in the room.

Last up was Emery Byrd. I'm really glad these guys are playing around town more frequently because they never disappoint. They're not only polished, but Matt's stage presence, even in the Tower Bar where the band is level with the crowd, would make you believe they're used to playing much larger stages. Or at least that they should be.

After the show ended, I headed back to the Ken Club, but the bands were already done, so I hung out with Todd and Kittyhead until the bar closed, then came home and set up my snowman holiday/winter/christmas menagerie. I still have yet to buy my tree, but at least I've got my snowmen.

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Unknown said... jake. I play bass. have we met? alex is the singer who had to wait outsid in the cold.