Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just a quickie update

I'm working OT every night this week, and also have a show every night this week (if I can survive it all), so I'm not really sure when I'll get the opportunity to post all the pics I'm taking, but things should slow down a bit after this week is over. Still, I'll try and get my pics up from Sunday because SayVinyl, The Austin James Band, and A Beautiful Noise were all great, and I have some fun candids from the Smoking Patio where we were celebrating Andrea's b-day. I also caught The Vision tonight, though I missed The Donkeys and wasn't really feeling the vibe from White Magic, so I'm here catching up on a couple days worth of e-mails. Yikes.

I was talking to Keith from The Vision of A Dying World and he's gonna help out on the site with some local CD reviews. If anyone else is interested in contributing content, please talk to me. I'm definitely open to new ideas and expanding this site to serve more people and to provide content when I can't quite get to it.


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