Sunday, November 18, 2007

Friday Recap: Pt 2 Predicates CD Release @ Scolari's

After the Epicentre and after grabbing some dinner, I headed to Scolari's. The first band, Beatmo, was still playing, and when their crowd demanded "one more song" they gave it to them, which was fine and dandy for their fans but was pretty rude to the other bands as it put the whole evening behind...the Drowning Men didn't start until 1. I didn't really watch them at all because I was outside, but they definitely had their own crowd dancing their asses off.

I was there for The Predicates. I've been really enjoying their CD since they gave it to me a couple weeks back, but even more than that, they're really nice people so I wanted to show support.

I don't know if anyone remembers the local band The MacAnanys, but Greg's voice is a lot like Ryan's ... I guess it also reminds me a little of Craig from Hold Steady though the style is really different. Erika assists with backup vocals. Greg kept commenting how sloppy they were, but we had fun watching them, especially with his witty banter between songs.

After they finished, The Drowning Men set up, but like I said, they got started really late, and I had intended to get back to the Ken Club, so I didn't stick around even though I really like the band a lot. I headed home and went to the Ken Club with barely enough time to order a Heineken. I chatted with Matt from Transfer until the lights came up and they scooted everyone out of the bar. It was a nice ending to what was a great evening. I only wish I could've done more. I would've liked to have been at the Beauty Bar for Republic of Letters and to wish Nick a happy birthday in person and I heard the show at the Whistle Stop was great, too. Yeah, tell me again there's no local scene.


MickMusic said...

just stumbled upon San Diego: Dialed in and I want to thank you for mentioning The MacAnanys. It's nice to read that people still remember us. It was great fun playing in that band and I do miss it sometimes. John Kuhlken (Drums) and Wade Maurer (Bass) are having great success playing with another local act Sara Petite and the Sugar Daddies, check them out when you can.
If you are interested I have some MP3's I could forward to you. These recordings have never been officialy released and includes the song "Luckiest guy" that was featured on Dawsons Creek. It will also have a few rough demos we were working on before we called it a day.

Thanks again
Ryan McAnany

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Hi Ryan-
You didn't leave any contact info, but I'd love to hear the unreleased stuff. Get in touch with me at

I think I listened to your music every single day on my drive to City College back in the day. So good.

Get in touch soon,