Monday, November 19, 2007

Videos I Love: Soulsavers "Revival"

This video was posted on Stereogum several months ago and I was sure that I had reposted it on my own site, but alas, I couldn't find it in my archives. Anyway, the song is getting heavy spins on FM 94/9 since it's one of their recommended for the month (alongside my favorite, Band of Horses) and every time I hear it, it makes my heart soar a kinda gives me a little peep into that thing that religion does for other people that it never really did for me. Like if you've ever seen the movie The Apostle, you know what I'm talking about. Like that same feeling that I had at Arcade Fire last April at Spreckels. Plus, who doesn't always love Mark Lanegan? He's one of the most distinguishable voices in rock and has been for the last 15+ years. Anyway, a little religious experience for you all. (If you really like it, Chickrawker posted the MP3 today in her Music Monday post)

Soulsavers "Revival"

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