Monday, November 19, 2007

San Diego Sightseeing

I have been busy, busy, busy since I started my new job- working full-time and even plenty of overtime on top of my usual blogging/show going all the while working in my CityBeat column. Sometimes, like last night, it means staying home and missing a great show- like Sea Wolf :( But I'm not complaining...this week is a short work week and I got the coolest job assignment for tomorrow. And I need your help.

My agency is pitching a major automaker, so my assignment is to get a rental car from the automaker and drive around the city, taking pictures of the vehicle in spots that are representative of San Diego and the "San Diego lifestyle". I have plenty of ideas, but I'm a little concerned with finding spots where I can legally park, capturing the vehicle and the hot spots in the background. If this was your task, where would you go? I'm open to all ideas and suggestions. And the bonus is that any photos we don't use for the pitch will be posted here, so the task is really two fold. Really, what could be more fun than driving around a new vehicle in this city that I love, taking pictures of the places I love, all the while getting paid and getting to expense a lovely lunch?

It's one thing to not dread going to work in the morning. It's another entirely to actually look forward to getting to work. What a total 180 from four months ago.

Leave your comments on the spots that represent this place that we call home...

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Lazy John said...

If your camera person uses a wide-angle lens, perhaps a shot from Cabrillo National Monument capturing a view of the whole city? Or the same from Shelter Island, especially at night?