Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nautical Disaster Responds to "Poo-pooing On The Scene"

After all that Voice of San Diego stuff last week, and all the people hating on the San Diego scene, Beezeley of Nautical Disaster wrote a song that the band performed at last night's Anti-Monday League. It was seriously rad and a shit ton of people came out for the show, yet again proving that local bands can draw. I'll recap it later with photos, but in the meantime, here are the lyrics from Nautical Disaster.

"Rock 'N Roll will Kill You!"

Well you're bored by this Town
and the same old Sound,
Nothing's touched you
since you left the "Underground."
Well there's talk talk talk
about how to make it better
but no walk walk walk
just the whining of the Haters
and we're just so sick of it!

There's a Rock 'N Roll Sound
you should really check out.
It's above all the shit,
it'll make you wanna shout:
No more talk talk talk
you're just bringing us down!
C'mon Rock Rock Rock
We're gonna torch this town!
C'mon, let's get out of it!

Well it all goes around
like some Suicide Crown
and you're not moving forward
if you're just standing your ground
and I'd rather get kicked
like some rodeo clown (this line borrowed from Eric Bachman)
then to hear more complaining
about my Home Town!
So no more talk talk talk
just leave us alone!
With our Rock Rock Rock
We'll cut it to the bone!
C'mon, let's get out of it!


Unknown said...

Thanks for printing those lyrics, Rosie! I had no idea! (haha...)

Lazy John said...

I'm a 42-year-old cynic. To revisit much of this earlier conversation, I wonder how much of Bryan Spevak's original posting on VOSD.com was merely an attempt to promote his website. I agree that the quality of indie rock has dwindled, but that's because there's a glut of it, which is the inevitable consequence of an increase in a genre's popularity. All it means is that listeners have to work harder to filter out the garbage and raise their standards a bit. It doesn't mean that they have to adopt a curmudgeonly attitude, throw the baby out with the bathwater and stop going out altogether. My bad experience at the King Khan show won't lead me to boycott all SD venues - in fact, I've already got my Imperial Teen tickets. I saw them at Spaceland in September, so I can do a compare/contrast between the two shows - although such would be, at best, anecdotal.

Lazy John said...

If you get a chance, go to the Arizona Daily Star's opinion section and read David Brooks's article. It's yet another aging, increasingly irrelevant dinosaur rocker (Steven Van Zandt) whining about how today's music is so crappy because today's kids don't listen to black musicians anymore. Also, did anyone catch Gene Simmons on the Henry Rollins Show? All Henry could do was sit back and try to keep from laughing.