Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Google Hit of The Day: "Skanky Whores"

I like to check in on my sitemeter every once in a while to see what people are googling to get to my site. Lately it's been a lot of "Holiday Hootenanny", "Things to Do In San Diego" and "Nightmare Before X-mas", as well as a lot of referrals since Band of Horses was recently in the news and Pitchfork still has my link associated with the band.

But today, somebody Googled "skanky whores" and hit my site, which was 6th on the list. That just made my day. Welcome to my site to whomever it was searchin for skanky whores. I mean, with the holidays coming up, who isn't looking for skanky whores?


andrea said...

I wish I could say it was me! Thank you for posting random stuff like this-- I laughed hard and am still smiling cause I'm pretty sure I know which posts that person was directed to! haha. Ah... Skanky whores...

Rosemary Bystrak said...

Actually, I think I know who you think it was about, but actually, this was the quote: "Two skanky whores maneuvered their way up and tried to gradually push Andrea and I away. When SSPU took the stage, they pushed more."

So you were in the quote, but not the target, my lovely friend :)