Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stolen Band Gear: The Locust

Scott posted a little about this but it's really unfortunate how many time I have posted bands getting their stuff stolen, both in town and on tour. This, from SAF records:

Last night, the Locust went to a grocery store in St Louis, MO. Their van was broken into and basically everything they had, laptops, ipods, cash, meds, toiletries, phone chargers, everything was stolen.

Anyone catching them on the remaining tour dates, please help them out however you can, buy some shit, give them some fucking deodorant, or a hug, or something. This sucks so bad...they are the last people who deserve this.

Take care of our boys and help them out.


andrea said...

How horrible for them! But luckily, they're touring with the wonderful San Diegans Sleeping People so at least they're not completely alone out there...

Unknown said...

Here is the official donation page for this http://threeoneg.com/releif/