Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday: 1st Day Of Work

I'm back on the job and it was a busy day. I will try to catch up with everything later tonight (like the awesome show at Black Box last night), but first, it's off to bid farewell to Troy who is gone from CityBeat, then possibly head to TNT, and if I get a wild hair, check out the Casbah, too.

And in case you missed it, The Decemberists have cancelled their tour:

With much regret The Decemberists have cancelled the remainder of "The Long and Short of It" tour.

One of our band members has been ill for a while but we thought all would be well in time for these tour dates. After a couple shows, though, it has become clear that the illness is much worse than we had initially realized. We need to return home so our friend can mend.

It saddens us to disappoint our fans. We hope everybody understands it is only because of an extreme situation that we had to cancel a tour we've all been excited about doing since the idea was originally hatched.

Our deepest apologies but at this time no plans are being made to reschedule the dates. Ticket holders should seek refunds at point of purchase.

OK, I'm out. My next CityBeat column is due in 3 days, send me your band news!!!

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