Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank You

I just wanna thank everyone who came out to the Ken Club last night, even those of you who just stopped by to say hi (Gregg, I'm talkin to you). The bands were awesome, so big thanks to Pocket Utopia, Writer and Swim Party for playin'. My fellow bloggers were there (Natalie "It's Too Sunny Out Here", Lyn "Chickrawker", Cullen "Dirtbag's Delight", and Mario "SanDiegoish") as well as lots friends. My sister even made it out. It was good times. And as much as I didn't intend to, a couple friends came over after, so thanks to you guys for hanging out and making sure I was at the peak of sleep deprivation. Oh, and thanks to Adrian, Jamie and Lesli who gave me the gift. It was unnecessary but definitely appreciated.

So my plans for the weekend:
  1. Citybeat Party
  2. Sleep
  3. Blog- posts about Great Northern & Robbers on High Street and the "blogiversary" party
  4. Write CityBeat column
  5. Hang with BFF and crew
I'm still gonna try and make some shows, but my plans are very much up in the air since I have to actually get work done (you know, from the jay oh bee).

Anyway, thanks again to everyone. It was an awesome night.

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petro said...

Thank You! I love your blog so much, and it is the first thing I check everymorning. We know how much work it is for you, so please know how much we love and appreciate it! Congrats again on a great year, and here's to many, many more!