Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tonight at the Belly Up: Bob Schneider & AM

If you don't already have plans for Sunday night, I wanted to recommend the show at the Belly Up. I like to say that Bob Schneider is to Austin what Steve Poltz is to San Diego. He's a great songwriter who can come up with a song on the spot, can sing a song that will break your heart, then goes right into a song about fucking that will make you laugh out loud. Sometimes he has a band but tonight will be an "intimate" experience with just him an his guitar. Did I mention he's all kinds of sexy, too? Yeah, the dude dated Sandra Bullock. He ain't no small fry, though I suppose he is probably tired of that being his defining trademark.

Also on the bill is AM. It is because of an AM show last year at Lestat's that I started this blog. I had volunteered to sell merch at his show, and met his manager who was very encouraging about music writing and whatnot. It was that conversation with Mia and another with Chris Karn of Deccatree that I got into this whole thing. AM is also a great songwriter. Every song on his debut album was used in commercials, tv and movies before it even came out. Like Josh Radin, he goes well with a Zach Braff movie or Grey's Anatomy, but unlike other snooty music writers, to me, that is a compliment.

I will be at the show, and you should be, too.

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