Tuesday, November 20, 2007

YouTube: Synchronized Swimming to Feist 1-2-3-4

Today was a long day after a long night last night, and my eyes are wonky so I'm gonna have to wait to post my pics from last night until tomorrow while my body recharges, but in the meantime, I wanted to post this video. It came from a publicist, so it's not like I was surfing YouTube or anything, but synchronized swimming has always been one of those sports that I realize must be really difficult, but for me it still looks kinda silly. I kinda giggled throughout this video, but maybe it's just the tired in me.

Synchronized Swimming to Feist 1-2-3-4

I'll be off early tomorrow then enjoying my 4 day weekend, so I'll still be posting if you wanna click back over the weekend. Or just come out to the Ken Club tomorrow for the pre-Thanksgiving tradition of getting completely shitfaced. Gotta love the holidays.

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Unknown said...

Thats a New Buffalo cover. Not a Feist song.