Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chat Time: Tim Pyles interviews Shepard Fairey

After visiting with Shepard Fairey yesterday, Tim Pyles and I decided to head back over today to see the progress of the wall and see if we could get an interview with Shepard. He was more than kind to say yes. As the word about Shepard spreads around San Diego, more and more onlookers have been making a point to see the work. Shepard has fans constantly vying for his attention and his kindness and graciousness to talk to everyone, take pictures, and sign posters makes it surprising that he ever gets anything done. Today was especially great because his wife, Amanda, was there with the girls, along with Samantha and Jen, who I hadn't seen all together since perhaps junior high school. Huge thanks to Tim and Shepard for agreeing to do this interview on the fly.

Here are a few shots I took today of the progress, but be sure to check out my friend Dave's shots from yesterday here.

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