Saturday, July 31, 2010

Video: Rocky Votolato House Show

So I know I have a ton of really old shows that I need to catch up on and I still have some cool Comic-Con celeb photos and whatnot, but I went up to Huntington Beach earlier tonight and caught up with Rocky Votolato playing a house show. I think YouTube rejected a couple of the videos because they exceeded their limit, but I captured the whole show. (Thanks to Jeff for making this happen)

I promise next time (probably next summer) that Rocky is looking for house shows I will make sure he plays in San Diego, whether it's my backyard, or if I have to move all of my furniture out of my living room, or if we have to do it at my parents' house in Chula Vista...we will get him to San Diego. These are amazing shows and I apologize for the awkward camera angle. I also have to say that there were at least three times that I had to suck back tears because it's one thing to connect to music...another entirely to actually have it played acoustic, without mics and amps, right in your face. Hearing Sunlight, or the cover of Let It Be or Montana made me fight that shit back. I've been a fan of Rocky's for a long time, but there's also something incredible about being able to call April and Rocky friends that makes the music touch me even more.

Here are all of the videos (again, except for the couple that YouTube rejected). Click the arrows to see each video. I'll try to upload the rejected videos. But I'll add Sunlight at the bottom from Rocky's last SD performance because the song is so amazing.

For the record, and because I dream of a Sony sponsorship, all of my videos are captured via Sony Cybershots. Best sound compressor ever.

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