Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Comic-Con Photos: Saturday

If Wednesday and Thursday were characterized as a wild party, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Comic-con, at least for me, were a bit of a let down. Mostly because while I'm "press", I'm just more of a pawn, chasing non-celebs and sweating my ass off through the Convention Center. Still, I can't think of a better way to spend my time. I posted my Friday photos, which consisted of some random party shots with a few celebs, but Saturday was more about the Con, and trying to hunt down the Community cast (which I never found), but meeting a really nice Warner publicist along the way. So there you go. Here are my Saturday photos.

I finally checked out Britt Reid's Garage, with a bunch of cool classic cars, a shot up Black Beauty, and honestly, not much else. Some bobble heads and costumes and such, but a quick in and out was all that was necessary.

These costumed fools were passing out comics with coupons for Chik-fil-a. I've still never had a taste, so I can't say if declining the comic/coupon was a mistake or just heart healty.

Tim Pyles was waiting to interview some peeps, so we spent a lot of time around the Nickelodeon booth. Apparently these kids are a big deal. And the kid on the right plays "Spencer" on iCarly (which I've actually watched on the few shifts I've helped at my mom's daycare). He's moving up to another Nick show or something. And supposedly he's from San Diego. I guess I'll find out one day.

Costumed Batman. And Olivia Munn on the right, getting primped after a shoot. Maxim's hottest woman? From G4? I only know as the latest correspondent on The Daily Show.

Pyles interviewed the voices of some show, and the only familiar face to me was Jaime Kennedy, who kept looking at me as I took photos like I was a crazy papparazzo. Maybe I was. Sorry, Jaime. Wasn't trying to freak you out.

Ron Perlman and Katey Segal of 'Sons of Anarchy' did a signing at the Fox booth. I got a couple pictures, but what I thought was really funny was this hostile photo of Ron as he sort of scolded anyone, "I've been trying to get a goddamn drink for the last two hours. " You and me both, Mr. Perlman.

Below is C.S. Lee from Dexter (apparently). Look, I can barely afford HBO, and I'm sure as hell not gonna watch a made for cable show like Dexter on network TV (though I tried). Did I ever mention that as a kid I thought I was Ms. Piggy, at the same time hating her and believing Kermie was my boyfriend? Yep. My first music crush was the singer of The Rainbow Connection.

Later, at Analog, there's Rob from New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath), pouring a stiffie. Even later, the Zombie Walk.

That was just the first half of Saturday night. I went to the Comedy Central show at House of Blues, but I have to say I wasn't really captivated by the comedy.

Eventually I left and went to the Casbah and then the Ken Club. Not the brightest plan ever, but I needed my music and I needed my peeps. I survived to make it back to Comic-con on Sunday. More pics later.

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