Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comic-con 2010: Friday Photos

While Thursday night was full of awesome, it also kicked my ass, making Friday a very lazy day. Not to mention I had to get my NBC listings in and a couple posts up, so I didn't actually leave the house until after 5 pm, grabbing a lifesaving sandwich from Clem's (the San Diegan is the bomb), and catching the bus downtown. I was heading to a party at Analog, though I understood that the doors were at 6:30 and The Good Listeners would be playing at 7, that was not the case. Doors were at 7 for media with the actual party starting at 8 and the band playing at 9. It was a good thing Aaron and Heather work there and they entertained me while I waited. We only stayed for a couple songs because the band didn't start until almost 9:45, though I did have a chance to meet Clark and he was a very nice guy. (I'm making up for it by watching their DVD, Don't Quit Your Daydream, right now.)

Pyles met me at Analog and we headed to a party at the Hard Rock Hotel, passing Stingaree on the way, where they had a photo/press line with the cast of Spartacus, took some photos, then got to the Hard Rock. Unfortunately, I think we arrived too late and most of the celebrities were gone, but there were a few and we snapped photos. I also have to say we met a couple guys who were outside the red ropes and they were awesome, so happy birthday to you, Paul P., I hope to see you again. And I'm confident with your charisma, charm, and personality that you won't be getting other people's coffee for long, though I'm still not entirely convinced you aren't an actor and tricked the hell outta me.

James Frain (plays Franklin Mott on True Blood)

From there, the night was kind of a bust...the line for the EA Sports line was long, Stingaree wouldn't let us in with shorts/sneakers, and most of downtown felt like, well, a Friday night in downtown, i.e. somewhere I didn't wanna be. After a quick stop in Ciro's, it was time to bid adieu to downtown to recharge the batteries for tomorrow. For more pics, click 'keep on reading'.

Bonus: Check out the True Blood trailer that was released at the panel:

Season 3: Comic-Con Second Half Preview

Analog Bar. They've been open a couple weeks, but the official grand opening is happening on Thursday, July 29.

Tim Pyles: Superhero

Seth Green got in on the superhero fun. The cast of Spartacus did a press line at Stingaree.

Corey Feldman (l) and Adam Scott were at the Hard Rock. I think Adam is promoting Piranha 3D, but I was a big fan of his role on the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me.

Thomas Jane plays Ray Drecker on HBO's Hung. He had some interesting footwear...

Ciro's was converted by the Cartoon Network. After 3 days of the Con, I bought some slices but was too exhausted to even eat them. Yikes. I'm going to bed. Hasta maƱana!

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