Friday, July 23, 2010

The Hoff Hits The Streets of San Diego

The parking gods were kind in giving us all day meter-free parking on Wednesday and Thursday, and the 10-block hike from the East Village was really nothing (though it's a good reminder that just because something is free doesn't mean you have to have it). It allowed me to catch up on tweets as I walked toward the Gaslamp and read a tweet about David Hasselhoff playing a pop-up concert. As I read the text, we neared the main drag and heard music. I told Tim about the Hoff performing and no sooner did the words leave my mouth, we see a swirl of people passing by and a double decker bus, with David Hasselhoff performing live on top. We caught the bus passing by on 5th Avenue, then went back for pics of the Adult Swim mural, and the bus circled behind us on 6th.
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It was also preceded by a parade of chicks in the iconic red Baywatch bathing suits, a bunch of lookalikes in Knight Rider-esque cars, and an oom-pah-pah band. I think because it was unexpected, and that David Hasselhoff can really laugh at himself and all his public missteps make him such an icon, and certainly had me get all papparazzi trying to get good shots while running alongside the bus. With all sincerity, for being such a cheeseball, I bet David Hasselhoff would be a really fun person to know and I imagine his reality show will be wildly successful.

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