Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday: The Dead Weather & Harlem @ HoB SOLD OUT!!

The Dead Weather show at the House of Blues on Monday has been sold out for some time and with the line of 60+ waiting to get into The Rumble last week, I hope everyone makes sure to show up early to catch Harlem. This week I ran a contest to win admission to the sound check and I'm happy to announce the winner is Shane W.

Special thanks to those of you who sent in photos. How was the winner selected? I number the emails in order of arrival (with the photo entries counting as two numbers)then use The lucky number was 11, which means I'll be seeing Shane W at the soundcheck. To my non-winners, I'm sorry. This was the largest number of entries I've received for any contest I've ever run and while your begging emails were hilarious and compelling, this had to be legit.

Check out a video from Harlem's Bar Pink performance:

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