Sunday, July 04, 2010

Jeff's Weekly Pick: The Guggenheim Grotto @ Yoga One Studios Thursday July 8, 2010

Irish folk duo The Guggenheim Grotto will be making their return visit to San Diego this Thursday at the Yogo 1 Studios downtown. I had the pleasure of seeing the band in the same venue in the early spring. Since then the band has released their third full length The Universe is Laughing. This is the proper setting to see Kevin May and Mick Lynch perform their songs, which are filled with lovely harmonies that accurately relate their emotions. The duo have a keen sense of integrating the songs into their performance, creating a mood that captures the audience. The overall result is nothing but pleasant. It is not the type of show one gets to see very often, and I am truly looking forward to entering the world of The Guggenheim Grotto even if it only lasts less than a couple of hours. A note to those who have not seen a show at Yoga 1: bring a mat or a pillow since the performance takes place in a small room with hardwood floors.

Watch a video of The Universe is Laughing below.

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