Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Music Monday: Zoo Seven

There was this amazing band that existed for a very short period of time a couple years ago called Vega4, and they put out this awesome record that I still listen to all the time. I was lucky enough to see the band on their one U.S. tour when it came through town and unfortunately, they broke up before one of their songs was used in the movie trailer for a Cameron Diaz movie. Not many people knew about the band, so when Del Currie and I sat over coffee and I compared Zoo Seven to Vega4, his eyes lit up and I knew we'd be fast friends.

Zoo Seven is his latest musical project, though perhaps you remember his other, now defunct band, Fono. While some bands' progession might start with a post on Craig's List, some jamming, writing material, playing some gigs, recording some music, maybe with the goal of a record deal or some touring, Del's been there and done that and has a different path in mind for Zoo Seven. He wrote and recorded his entire record and all the parts mostly on his own, though he got some drum help from his friend and fellow Fono alum, Andy Ridley (who recently replaced Mike Cooper in Transfer) and at this point in time hasn't even assembled a live band should the opportunity for gigs arise. Still, he wants his music heard and he's giving it to you free to check strings attached.

The finished record, Lifesaver, is full of soaring melodies and hooks that are memorable and make this collection of music a well developed comprehensive package. I'd expect to hear these tracks on the radio and on my favorite TV shows, and perhaps in movie trailers. My favorite tracks are Empty Space, Hundred Ways, and Fade In Fade Out, but the entire album is solid. When figuring out the order of songs, he bounced ideas off of a few friends, but it wasn't until he sorted the list alphabetically that the track-listing sounded right. Perhaps this was a cosmic accident or maybe there really are no accidents.

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