Thursday, November 06, 2008

Overdue Recap: Halloween 2008

I already mentioned that my Halloween was relatively low key. I spent the day at Balboa Park with my niece and though it was warm outside, we got her into her little skunk costume long enough for this:

Yes, that is about how Johanna is all. the. time. Here, there, and everywhere, and we can barely keep up.

We were there to take pictures of the Globes, which, if you haven't been to Balboa Park lately, make sure you check out before they're gone (ends November 30). They're outside around the big fountain by the Reuben H. Fleet Space center, so it's a nice way to spend a free day in San Diego.

By nightfall, I thought I might check out The Night Marchers but decided I would kinda play it mellow and stay close to home. I'm not a party pooper for not wearing a costume, it is just something I'm not into. Sue me. Anyway, I walked to the Ken Club and just hung out with friends all night, caught a little bit of Deadbolt. I wanted to see the Postals, but unfortunately something happened to Mark's bass, so they didn't get to play more than about 3 minutes, if that. Still, it was fun and I was glad to chill in the hood with good friends. I wasn't gonna take pictures at all that night, but I couldn't resist Patrick as Green Man (from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) and Rob, who was a dead on Nick Nolte (DUI style).

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