Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The King Khan and BBQ Show at The Casbah 11.11.08

I saw a dude in boxers and a metal mesh shawl break a guitar string because he jumped in the crowd to punch a dude in the face. Awesome.

The kids came for mayhem last night, and mayhem they got. They tried to get raucous during The Duchess and The Duke (on their last night on tour with The King Khan and BBQ Show), but the folked out punkers kept things under control. Cause let's face it; T-Dubs is way more heart-breaking than ass-shaking. And after rolling through some early technical problems, anyone paying much attention was mesmerized and everyone else... well they were just impatiently shuffling their feet. They were joined by an especially enthusiastic fan while belting out 'Reservoir Park' which I suppose is what you should hope for- if not expect- when vets of craziness get lyrical. It breaks down all the walls, combines the urge to rush the stage with the ability to participate when you get there and provides an extra level of accessibility.

But the main course was The King Khan and BBQ Show, and they delivered. Keep on reading.

Easy comparisons are often made to The Sonics and other early legends of garage rock. That's all well and good, "but this is a punk show. And mayhem and punk shows... It's like peas and carrots." These shows are first and foremost an excuse for King Khan to strip down to almost nothing and explore new ways to be absurd and inappropriate on stage. Over the course of the past couple years though, the audience has caught on and learned how to imitate the on stage antics. Which means that when the first guitar riff cuts through the room, faces melt off and everyone collapses into a mass of joyous agitation. You dance and jump instead of see or think. You lose your friends and a shoe. You end up halfway across the room and take it as a sign you need another drink before getting a running start and diving headlong.

People screamed and flailed and threw ice. King Khan did in fact break a guitar string when forced to leave the stage and punch a soon-to-be-escorted-out concertgoer. Because you have to mix it up. Always keep them guessing. I believe there was spitting between the stage and the crowd. It wasn't intense like The Heavy- which was an "all the women within 6 feet are now pregnant" intense. It was old school, concrete box, kick-out-the-jams, enthusiastic punk rock animosity intense that I haven't seen quite so organically in a while. This morning there will be bruises and mild whiplash concussions, swollen feet and "I don't really remember what happened but it was awesome" memories.

If you look not very hard on Youtube, you can find video from The King Khan and BBQ Show's Pink Elephant appearance last year, though it's shockingly tame compared to last night. Instead, enjoy this officially sanctioned ridiculousness until they return to San Diego:

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