Saturday, November 22, 2008

Overdue Recap: Delta Spirit @ Arterra, 11.14.08

My friend Jeff e-mailed me asking if I wanted to see a KPRI private listener show at Arterra, a restaurant attached to the Marriott in Carmel Valley/Del Mar. The show featured Delta Spirit. I was game since I'd missed most of their set the week before at the FM 94/9 anniversary show.

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Jeff picked me up and had made dinner reservations at the restaurant. I don't spend much time north of the 8, and especially not in Del Mar, but this was a really great night. The restaurant was pricey but it was really pretty inside, and definitely not your typical hotel attached restaurant. We ordered, and while I was going to have the chorizo and lobster stuffed trout, when Jeff ordered the steak, the waiter said it was their best plate, so I ordered the same. We shared the 'fish sticks', which were lightly battered white anchovies and were melt in your mouth delicious, with a great house made tarter sauce.

My dinner was incredible. It was sliced rib-eye served on veggies, a white potato cooked in duck fat topped with pearl onions and arugula, and braised shortribs served on a butternut squash puree (albeit, just for appearance). Personally, I can't say that I'd go back to the restaurant with my current lack of gainful employment, but for the area, it seems like an optimal spot for business movers and shakers to meet for business lunches and dinners, as well as a cool nightspot for the upwardly mobile and trendy people in the Del Mar and Carmel Valley area.

After dinner, we made our way to the pool where Delta Spirit performed. I already posted all the videos here but here are some additional pics.

The stage was set up behind the corner of the pool, so the crowd was not up in front. They were spread around the length of the pool, in cabanas, and in the bar area around the pool. A few people decided to roll up their pants and dip their feet in the pool, and that's when I moved up close to the sound techs to take the videos. The band played nearly an hour and they definitely won over the crowd. I told Jeff how I'd had a MySpace correspondence with the band about the whole debate about them being a little too religious for my tastes and while I feel they're less so, Jeff told me that a woman told him how she really liked their "spiritual" music. So at least I'm not the only one who thinks it's so, but again, definitely less than when I first saw the band way back when.

After the set, the crowd chanted "Jump in the pool" and the band obliged, with two of them diving off the stage fully clothed straight into the pool. There was a girl dancing in front, and they ended up pulling her into the water, too, though they clearly asked her if it was cool before they did it.

We stayed for a drink as the pool area turned into a quasi-night club, with a DJ, people dancing, and lots of expensive cocktails flowing. This is the sports coat and t-shirt wearing crowd on the guys, and heel and miniskirts and lots of faux blonde highlights on all the women, a parking lot full of Beemers and Benz's, and frankly, it is not even close to comfortable to a girl like me who opts for a hoodie with jeans instead of heels and a halter top, so once we finished a drink, Jeff dropped me at home. And then, as I do, I changed into my jeans and a hoodie, and went to a place more in my comfort zone. I made my way to the Whistle Stop.

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