Friday, November 07, 2008

Ray On The Road: Checking In From the UK

By any standard, it must have been a good week for me.

The vast majority of it was spent in one of my new favorite cities, London, where I said hello to the likes of Paul McCartney and Al Green and played in two of the more mythical venues in the UK, the Royal Albert Hall and BBC Studio 1 on the Later with Jools Holland, not to mention seeing metal gods, Slayer, on Halloween at the Hammersmith. Later on, I ended up in Liverpool where the coolest of the cool in the entertainment industry had descended to attend the MTV European Music Awards. I found myself in a club where Perez Hilton threw the official EMA pre-party. I've never been less cool or smell more of cigarette smoke. It was awesome Estelle and Kanye as well as the Ting Tings play a tiny little club where the Liverpudlians went absolutely bonkers for "American Boy" and "Shut Up and Let me Go" (hey).

With Sir Paul

Al Green with Jools Holland

Estelle w/ Kanye


Any regrets? Not asking Sir Paul how many holes he's found it's taken to fill the Albert Hall, not asking Damon Albarn how he got so fascinated by old Chinese legends, and not demanding to play the enormous, 10,000-pipe organ at the Albert Hall.

Brandon on the Albert Hall Organ

In summary, the English go nutty for the Killers, that's no secret, I can't stand MTV, and I've developed an unhealthy addiction to Bulmer's Cider. Pret a Manger rules and I've finally gotten used to saying, "white americano for takeaway" instead of "americano with room to go."

Off to Berlin!

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abraham said...

u touched a BEATLE... #/*!}'\#*^ (sound of jaw hitting the floor)!!!